The Birth of a Book

Quiet Time Rhymes

August 6, 2020

After many requests for my poems in a book,
I pulled them together to see how they’d look.

It seemed overwhelming; I overcame fear.
I perused all the words that I’d written this year.

One hundred and forty-eight rhymes in five months,
Looking back, I’m amazed that this old dog still hunts.

Then I had to describe it and give it a name,
Quiet Time Rhymes is the book it became.

I added another line, shares a bit more.
Peace in Pandemic describes what’s in store.

Then on to the cover, provide some insight.
I found in my photos some birds in mid-flight.

I remembered the walk on the beach when they flew.
It brought back that morning, the peace that I knew.

Decide on the pricing, they asked the amount.
I set it at ten cents a rhyme if you count.

I wrote from my heart and I shared them with you.
You asked for a book, it is here, it’s brand new.


Sharing from the Heart

On February 8th, I began writing a few lines of rhyme during my quiet time. It’s my way of journaling. I shared them with my wife, and she encouraged me to share them with others. 

I created this blog titled Quiet Time Rhyme to share all of my rhymes. I will continue to add more in the days to come. I pray they touch you during these often stressful times.

Life’s Best

February 27, 2021

Sometimes perplexed by what to say,
I seldom try to lead or sway.
Instead, I try to share my heart,
Reach out with words, God’s love impart.

I don’t know what you’re going through.
I know God’s love is there for you.
He’s helped me walk through times of stress,
He brings me peace and not distress.

Regardless of what life will bring,
The Lord will help my heart to sing.
Although I don’t know who you are,
Or whether you’re from near or far,

I lift a prayer this day for you.
I pray you know God’s love is true.
I pray this day that you are blessed,
And know God’s love, life at its best.

May You Find Love

February 26, 2021

May your days in the sunshine exceed those in rain.
May you find peace in small things and days free of pain.
May your smile be contagious as you share your joy.
May others be touched like a child with a toy.

May the love that’s inside you spill out, overflow.
May many be helped by the kindness you show.
May the lives that you touch be inspired to reach out
To show love to others, it’s what life’s about.

May you find joy in giving to help those in need
Of someone to comfort, to listen, take heed.
May the lonely find comfort when you lend an ear,
As they share the stories, they need you to hear.

May your eyes show compassion, the love from inside,
That must find an outlet, refuses to hide.
By sharing with others and spreading your love,
I pray you find peace and God’s joy from above.

A Tender Heart

February 24, 2021

The heart does more than help blood flow.
It sorts my feelings, helps me know
That part of me that I can’t see
That hidden inner side of me.

It helps me feel both joy and sad,
Unleash the tears, or laugh when glad.
I’m not sure why it shares the name,
A pumping muscle’s not the same.

It doesn’t occupy a space,
It’s not a thing to be replaced.
And yet that tender feeling heart
Is what’s unique, sets us apart.

I pray I never cease to feel.
Sometimes it hurts, but I will heal.
I pray my heart intensifies
And leaves a mark that never dies.

Body, Mind

February 19, 2021

They seem distinct the body, mind,
And yet they’re both so intertwined.

If one should fade and fail me first,
I’m not quite sure which one’s the worst,

A mind intact, alive, alert
Inside a body full of hurt.

Or mind that’s lost what It once knew,
And can’t discern what’s real and true,

Inside a body lean and strong,
But senses that there’s something wrong.

At times the body won’t respond,
The mind and body lose their bond.

I know the mind and body fade.
They each grow old, they both degrade.

We now replace a body part,
And even add a beating heart,

Yet don’t know why the mind should go,
I pray that soon research will know.

I pray for those who live with pain.
I don’t know why. I can’t explain.

I pray for all who must endure.
I pray one day we find a cure.

I pray the Lord will grant you peace,
Your mind can soar, your pain decrease.

Each Path

February 18, 2021

We each one have a path to tread,
Sometimes we choose, sometimes we’re led.

Some take us through some rough terrain.
The way at times we can’t explain.

Sometimes it seems a lonely trail.
Who’s there to catch me if I fail?

I value those who call me friend,
Who walk with me around the bend,

Who lend a hand when I’m in need,
Sometimes in word, sometimes in deed.

I’ll have a chance along the way
To offer help some future day.

When no one’s there to take my hand,
I know the Lord who always can.

He’s always there close by my side,
And in His love, I can abide.

A Quiet Path

February 18, 2021

Some days I need to take a stroll,
Share time with God and bare my soul.

Sometimes I go just in my mind
To some secluded spot I find.

A quiet path amidst the trees,
The sun, the leaves, a gentle breeze,

The water flowing in the brook,
I find a bench tucked in a nook.

I rest my head look toward the sky,
Lord will You ever tell me why?

I thank you Lord my wife pulled through
For that I’m grateful Lord to You.

But why must she endure the pain?
What is it Lord that we’re to gain?

Is it to grow in empathy,
Or something else we’re yet to see?

Is it to learn to trust You more,
A trust that’s deep within our core?

I pray that soon she’ll heal and mend,
This painful patch comes to an end.

I pray for peace that You can bring
That soon our hearts again will sing.

Quietly Sharing

February 2, 2021

How I cherish the quiet time spent with the Lord.
Just quietly sharing, there’s nothing to hoard.

Just waiting to see what He writes on my heart,
What He whispers inside me that I can impart.

Sometimes as I listen and silently pray,
A word or a picture, some vivid, some gray,

Will stir me to capture that image in rhyme.
If I’m quiet and patient the words form in time.

I ask the Lord’s blessing as words find their place,
As I listen for rhythm and cadence and pace.

I pray my words always are pleasing to God.
Sometimes words come gently, sometimes with a prod.

I pray that I’m open and share from inside,
Perhaps help another in God to confide.

He’s always available, always around.
If we quietly seek Him, He’s easily found.

Void of a Tune

February 1, 2021

Can I capture the music that forms in my heart?
Can I write down the words, so they never depart?

Why just the words and not melodies too?
If a melody formed, I’m not sure what I’d do.

Rhyme and rhythm come easy it seems I’ve a knack.
If I tried to add music would it hold me back?

I don’t read or write music and barely can sing.
I don’t play a note, it’s just lyrics I bring.

If the Lord gives me music for sharing someday,
I am confident God will provide me a way

To capture the music one note at a time,
Align with the rhythm and flow with the rhyme.

If God makes a way and I hear music too,
I’ll be eager to capture it, share it with you.

Until then I’ll share poetry void of a tune.
You’ll just hear the words spoken; I’ll not try to croon.