March 31, 2020

The sun has risen in the sky.
The virus spreads and some may die.

I pray for those who serve today.
Lord keep them safe when in harm’s way.

They give their lives so others live.
Lord bless each one, so much they give.

They go to work and risk their lives.
They leave their families, husbands, wives.

Lord grant them strength, may they endure.
I pray for those who seek a cure.

I pray we each will do our part.
We wash our hands, we stay apart.

We find new ways to meet a need.
We sing, we pray, we share, we feed.

I pray that when our people heal,
We never lose this love we feel.

No Matter What

March 16, 2020

I have a rock on whom I stand.
I have a guide who takes my hand.

When troubles come, I need not fear.
I have the Lord who’s always near.

If it’s my time no more to roam,
My Lord is there, He’ll take me home.

If I should stay and others go,
I pray they’re with the Lord I know.

This span of life we live on earth
Goes by so quickly after birth.

It’s just the start and not the end.
The Lord will meet me ‘round the bend.

I’ll shed this body, frail and weak.
I’ll see His face; I’ll hear Him speak.

No matter what life has in store,
I’ll be with Him forever more.

Always There

March 30, 2020

I read Your Word, You comfort me.
You touch my heart, the sorrows flee.

I rest my head upon my chair
I know your love, it’s always there.

Life’s ocean’s vast, I cannot see.
I know not what’s in store for me.

Though storms may come, my boat may rock,
You’ll guide me safely into dock.

Though days are dark, and clouds are gray,
I lift my voice to you and pray.

Lord You are there, my prayers you hear,
When I reach out, you’re always near.

In troubles past, you’ve helped me through,
I know you’re there in this day too.

Inspire me Lord, and help me spread
Your love and peace in days ahead.

My Walk

March 29, 2020

You are my Lord, in you I trust.
My earthly form will soon be dust.

Help me see my life today
Is just a journey on the way

To everlasting life with you.
I pray my walk reflects what’s true.

May words I write help others find
A faith renewed, leave doubt behind.

May young and old, the strong, the weak
Find in You the love they seek.

When troubles come, I pray your peace
Will fill our hearts and never cease.

I pray the world will see your hand
Reached out to save, to heal our land.

I pray you help us see what’s real
And share the truths your Words reveal.

Too Far (Pardon my rant)

March 28, 2020

The legislators on the hill
Have gone too far I’ve had my fill.

They’ve listed words I cannot say,
The list is growing every day.

They say it’s so I won’t offend,
That they know best and will not bend.

An ideology gone wrong,
It’s hard to change, it’s grown so strong.

“Let’s make the world a better place,”
Has now become a bitter race.

We’ve stoked the fire and fanned the flame
Of greed and vice, of wealth and fame.

Our land’s divided, full of hate.
They’ve pushed too far. What is our fate?

It’s time to pause and reassess;
Once more unite, clean up the mess.

Adapting – Just for fun …

March 28, 2020

So many things are different now.
Can I adapt? Do I know how?

Us seniors are the hardest hit.
Can we adjust and change a bit?

I stay inside. I watch TV.
My life’s not like it used to be.

I don’t shake hands or give a hug,
Lest I transmit or catch a bug.

I wash my hands; I sing a song
That measures twenty seconds long.

My doctor visits now are live.
They stream to me, no need to drive.

I’ve done my part to show I care,
But there’s one change that’s been a bear.

Toilet paper’s scarce I’m told.
I used to wad, but now I fold.

Strength in Stress

I pray our love of others grows,
Our acts reveal a love that shows.

Those little acts of kindness say
“I share my love with you today.”

Each time we help someone in need
We help love grow; we plant a seed.

I see the ways we show our care,
The way our neighbors give and share,

The ways the children find to cope,
With words and art they offer hope.

These times of stress put us to test
I pray they show us at our best.

I pray our leaders will unite,
Find common ground and end their fight.

I pray together we pull through,
As stronger people, tried and true.

You Paid the Price

March 23, 2020

Lord help me walk the path that’s right
And show Your love and spread Your light.

To share the news that You’re the way
You gave your life that faithful day.

You died, you rose, you paid our price
When you became our sacrifice.

You came to earth for that brief span
You walked among us as a man,

Fulfilled the prophets words of old,
The greatest story ever told.

Born as Mary’s baby boy
The angels shared their songs of joy.

You left your father and your throne
Took on our form of flesh and bone.

You lived, you died, and rose again.
You paid the debt for all our sin.

Your Holy Spirit lives in me.
You give me life, you set me free.

Spread Your Light

March 22, 2020

There are those who are lonely and full of despair.
Lord help me be loving and show them I care.

Lord give me discernment with ones that I meet.
Use me; break them free from the chains of defeat.

The world can be lonely, confusing, and sad.
Depression can doom us to see only bad.

Lord help me to give them Your message of hope,
The ones in despair near the end of their rope.

Lord use me today, may I help them to see
That You’ve paid the price, opened cells, set them free.

You bring light in dark places, You help us to grow,
To mature, and to learn all the things we should know.

I pray that Your wisdom springs forth in my heart
And I can help others to make a fresh start.

Lord grant me the words that will help spread your light.
Show others there’s morning beyond this dark night.