Fruit of the Spirit

February 17, 2020

Oh, Holy Spirit grow in me.
Produce Your fruit from me your tree.

Let Love shine forth that others see
Your Love at work, let hatred flee.

Let Joy abound inside my heart.
A joy that only You impart.

May I know Peace that comes from You
Within my soul each day renew.

When troubles come across my path
May I learn Patience, show no wrath.

Let Kindness touch someone today
Through what I do or what I say.

May Goodness grow inside my soul
Let helping others be my goal.

Lord keep me Faithful to the end,
Staying strong through storms and wind.

May others see Your gentleness.
Your Words of life through me express.

May Self-control be my life’s guide
As your Spirit grows inside.

Lord may I know your Spirit’s care,
Reach out today Your love to share.