Sharing from the Heart

On February 8th, I began writing a few lines of rhyme during my quiet time. It’s my way of journaling. I shared them with my wife, and she encouraged me to share them with others. 

I created this blog titled Quiet Time Rhyme to share all of my rhymes. I will continue to add more in the days to come. I pray they touch you during these often stressful times.

5 thoughts on “Sharing from the Heart”

  1. I am so glad your wife encouraged you to post these. Not only are they really good but they are full of hope and peace. I hope it will be ok with you if I share a few of these with a friend who is shut in and in bad health. These would really life her up!

    Thanks for taking time to do this and may the Lord bless you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. It’s my pleasure to share them with you and with anyone else you choose.

  3. Thank for sharing from your heart. It touch my heart with so many truth. Thanks Lee for incouraging Johnny to share and most of all for sharing Christ with the world.

  4. Johnny, your verse creates a feeling of peace. Thank you. Judy Hanvy Stewart

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