Spread Your Light

March 22, 2020

There are those who are lonely and full of despair.
Lord help me be loving and show them I care.

Lord give me discernment with ones that I meet.
Use me; break them free from the chains of defeat.

The world can be lonely, confusing, and sad.
Depression can doom us to see only bad.

Lord help me to give them Your message of hope,
The ones in despair near the end of their rope.

Lord use me today, may I help them to see
That You’ve paid the price, opened cells, set them free.

You bring light in dark places, You help us to grow,
To mature, and to learn all the things we should know.

I pray that Your wisdom springs forth in my heart
And I can help others to make a fresh start.

Lord grant me the words that will help spread your light.
Show others there’s morning beyond this dark night.

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