Today Is a Memory

March 12, 2020

Today is a memory I’m writing with ink,
What I see, what I do, what I say, what I think.

Tomorrow today’s ink will long since be dry.
I can’t change the past and there’s no need to try.

Each day brings a new page to write in my life.
Each day I still share with my kind hearted wife.

I pray I see good and bring hope not despair
As I look with my heart and show others I care.

I pray that my actions help someone in need.
That I focus on others in word and in deed.

I pray what I write with the words that I speak
Will show those in need the compassion they seek.

May my thoughts stay in focus and not go astray.
As I write this new page of my life that’s today.

Soon I’ll look back, and I’ll have some regret,
But tomorrow’s a new day, there’s no time to fret.

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