You Guide My Way

February 8, 2020

You light the path in front of me.
You guide my way. You help me see.

I never need to walk alone.
You came to earth. You left your throne.

Where e’re I go what e’re I do,
You’re always there to see me through.

When tears appear upon my cheek,
Your arms give comfort that I seek.

In times of gladness I can shout.
You share my joy, I have no doubt.

Though darkest nights and brightest days
You’re always there. Your love, it stays.

You help me see the path that’s right.
Through twists and turns I see your light.

Your ways are true, your love is pure.
You’ll see me though, of that I’m sure.

You’re with me now, you give me breath.
And you’ll be with me after death.

Upon that day I’ll be with you.
I’ll have a body that’s brand new.

I’ll see you clearly on that day
With all your glory on display.

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