March 21, 2020

Imagine what this world could be
If everyone had eyes to see

The love of God that’s all around,
Embraced His love, let it abound.

Our God can bring us peace inside,
No need to fear, no need to hide.

If we all let His Spirit reign,
Crowd out the hated, fear, and pain,

Break down our calloused hearts of stone,
Put others needs before our own,

The world could be a better place.
If we looked up to seek His face,

We’d see a world set free of sin
That knew His peace and love within.

God offers us a better way,
If we will come to Him and pray.


March 20, 2020

We’re taught five senses are the rule.
That’s what we learn when we’re in school.

We see, we hear, smell. taste, and touch.
Our mind’s bombarded with so much.

But what about our soul inside?
Do other sensors there reside?

We sense some things by how we feel.
Our intuition knows what’s real.

What lies within that yearns to share
The secrets we have buried there?

At times we sense someone is sad,
Or sense that someone else is glad.

It’s more than what we see or hear
That brings us joy or sheds a tear.

Take care we guard our heart and soul
It’s what’s inside that makes us whole.


March 17, 2020

I long to hear unbridled truth
From those who risk the tag uncouth

To rise above and soar alone.
Break down the walls now built with stone,

Walls built to hide what lies within,
What lurks inside the hearts of men.

The light of truth will soon prevail,
Cut through the darkness, lift the veil.

The scars are deep, the hurt is real.
Expose the wound so it can heal.

It’s time the lies are stripped away.
So we can clearly find our way.

Let truth be told without the spin,
Agendas formed to score a win.

Truth will lift us to new heights,
Reveal new paths, new ways, new sights.


March 15, 2020

I long to hear wise words that flow,
Roll off the tongue, help others glow,

That reach inside and help us find
What’s in our soul, not just our mind.

I pray that wisdom can unfold,
May words of truth in love be told.

I pray for words to end the hate,
The raging, seething, coarse debate.

I pray our wounds have time to heal,
Opponents find a way to deal.

The time to bash the other side
Has long since passed, it must subside.

Rewards will come to those who find
A common ground; leave pride behind.

Let’s find the words that can unite.
Let’s come together, stop the fight.

God’s Love

March 15, 2020

May words I write touch ones in need,
Help them to grow or plant the seed.

I yearn to stir the soul with words
That help them stand, not run with herds.

I pray each one will come to know
The light inside that it may glow.

I pray that I may spread God’s love
Like gentle rain sent from above.

I pray I help someone today.
May they be blessed in some small way.

May they in turn bless someone near,
Someone in need or gripped with fear.

The needs are great, they’re all around.
May love in word and deed abound.

May we each lend a helping hand,
And show God’s love throughout the land.


March 14, 2020

Disease can spread through vast terrains
Like storms at night, torrential rains.

Pandemic congers fear and dread.
Will I survive? Will I be dead?

“Corona” whispered late at night,
Lest children hear and cry in fright.

Uncertain times cause some to fight;
The brave reach out, say “Let’s unite.”

If each one lends a helping hand,
We’ll spread new hope throughout the land.

We’ll pull together as a team.
It’s not as hard as it may seem.

Don’t let the fear or dread take hold,
Protect the sick, the frail, the old.

Let kindness and goodwill increase.
The clouds will part, the rain will cease.

Today Is a Memory

March 12, 2020

Today is a memory I’m writing with ink,
What I see, what I do, what I say, what I think.

Tomorrow today’s ink will long since be dry.
I can’t change the past and there’s no need to try.

Each day brings a new page to write in my life.
Each day I still share with my kind hearted wife.

I pray I see good and bring hope not despair
As I look with my heart and show others I care.

I pray that my actions help someone in need.
That I focus on others in word and in deed.

I pray what I write with the words that I speak
Will show those in need the compassion they seek.

May my thoughts stay in focus and not go astray.
As I write this new page of my life that’s today.

Soon I’ll look back, and I’ll have some regret,
But tomorrow’s a new day, there’s no time to fret.

He’s Real

March 11, 2020

On wooden pews when just a lad
I heard the songs, some loud, some sad.

I’d lay my head on Mother’s lap,
Drift off to sleep and take a nap.

My aunt shared stories from God’s word,
She talked and drew, I saw and heard.

The stories told, the words, the songs
All seemed to say “Yes, he belongs.”

I heard the words but had to see,
God sent his Son, He died for me.

I had to say “You are my Lord.
I’ll walk with You in one accord.”

I came to know the Lord is real,
Not words or songs or how I feel.

He’s there in times I go astray.
He takes my hand, shows me the way.

Fill My Heart

March 8, 2020

Lord fill my heart with gems which last,
Clean out the rubble from the past.

Lord give me strength to break the chain
Of fear and doubt that brings such pain.

Lord fill me up with love and hope.
Lord help me live and not just cope.

Surround me Lord with friends who care.
Through ups and downs they will be there.

Lord show me ways to lend a hand,
Reach out to others, help them stand.

Instill in me the will, the way
To write the words you’d have me say.

Lord grant me wisdom to inspire
The best in others; light a fire.

May Your light shine and not depart.
Lord grant me words to touch a heart.


March 5, 2020

Another winter’s end is near.
Another spring is almost here.

I hear birds singing in the trees.
I see them soaring on the breeze.

The flowers push up through the ground.
From dormant bulbs new life is found.

The seasons come, the seasons go,
So much to learn, so much to know.

Life’s more than just four seasons long.
Each stage of life can birth a song.

The words mature with each new spring;
Bring forth new songs that I can sing.

I pray each year I grow more wise,
See with my heart, not just my eyes.

Lord give me strength and words to write
That shine through darkness, spread Your light.