Dig Deep

March 4, 2020

Dig deep, discover all you are,
Beneath the pain, beyond the scar.

Find the words and sing the song
That’s buried there, ignored so long.

Your words will touch someone in need.
Help find their way, just plant the seed.

Discover talents yet untapped,
Hidden gifts not yet unwrapped.

Make the most of what you find,
And share your gifts to help mankind.

We’re all unique, no two the same.
Let’s help each other in life’s game.

We’re all unique, but from the start
We bear God’s image in our heart.

His seed was planted deep inside,
In some it blooms, in some it dies.

A New Song

March 3, 2020

We write what’s inside, it comes out in our life
Regardless of heartaches from troubles and strife.

We all have a song that we sing with our soul.
The verses we learn as the years take a toll.

I pray that the lines you recite in your head,
Bring hope to the children with wisdom you spread,

In this world full of turmoil, confusion and hate,
I pray for new voices before it’s too late.

May history give us the insight we need
To not spiral downward in word and in deed.

I pray for a change, for a breath of fresh air.
May the children find hope and not sink in despair.

May the next generation discern wrong from right,
Rebel against darkness, be drawn to the light.

Instill a new song in our youth that brings joy.
May Your love fill the heart of each girl and each boy.

Spread Your Truth

March 2, 2020

Lord keep my heart attuned to you
Seeking out what’s good and true.

Not twisting, turning through a maze
To walk through life in fog and haze,

Through smog and smut spewed out to hide
Your truth with darkness wrapped in pride.

Instill in me a contrite heart
With words in love your truth impart.

Cut through confusion’s rampant spread.
That raging fire leaves many dead.

Lord give me words to shine your light
Expose the lies disguised as right,

Created by the heart of men
To justify a life of sin.

Extend Your hand, reach out in love,
I need your wisdom from above.

Clean House

March 1, 2020

I pray for the wisdom to see with my heart,
Give comfort when needed, provide a fresh start.

Help me not point a finger at what others do,
May my focus be inward to keep myself true.

Lord grant me the insight to see my own faults,
To explore hidden secrets long locked up in vaults.

Shine your light in the darkness expose what’s within.
Grant me courage to open all doors, let You in.

It’s time to clean house, time to dump all the pain,
Stuff binding me, holding me down like a chain.

Strip away any curtains that block out the light
That I may see clearly what’s there in plain sight.

Lord open the windows and let in fresh air
Blow out any stench of concern or despair.

Lord help me to live a full life that is free,
Not cluttered with trash or with useless debris.

Be Still

February 25, 2020

I thank you Lord for time to sit,
Spend time with you and stay a bit;

A time to turn my thoughts toward you;
At time to let my mind renew.

Before the dawn, while I am still,
I seek to know Your perfect will.

As I draw close please help me see
That you are God yet care for me.

Lord help me know the things above
That brought you down to earth in love.

You left your throne and place on high
Became a man and chose to die.

I lift my song to You today,
You are my God, to You I pray.

It is to You I lift my praise
For all of my remaining days.


February 24, 2020

As shadows cross my soul, my mind,
I search your Word; may joy I find.

Lord shine your light into the gloom.
Drive out the shadows from the room.

May Your light burn, Lord, like a fire.
Instill in me Your heart’s desire,

That I may know abundant life,
And find your joy amidst the strife.

I see Your light. The day is new.
The darkness fades. The sky is blue.

Throw open doors and windows too,
And let Your light come shining through.

Bring forth in me Your joy inside.
Fill up each nook, let nothing hide.

Let joy spring forth into a song
That I may sing the whole day long.

A Prayer for My Wife

February 24, 2020

Inside her crumbling house of clay
Give her the strength she needs today.

With focus always on your face,
Let her with others share your grace,

Despite the daily fight with pain,
So much to give, so much to gain.

Lord bring her comfort in her grief.
May she in you find her relief.

May Your light shine through pain or fear,
As she draws close and knows you’re near.

I pray Your Spirit brings her peace.
Let not Your comfort ever cease.

Let her today in You abide.
Lord fill her cup with joy inside.

I pray her joy will overflow,
So others see her face aglow.

Grace to Not Judge

February 23, 2020

Lord give me grace, show me the way
To live my life from day to day.

May I not judge what others do
It’s not my job it’s up to You;

Let others be, not make demands
And realize they’re in your hands.

Lord help me set all others free
Lord you’re omnipotent, not me.

May nothing that I do or say
Bring others down in any way;

But rather bring encouragement
Through words of cheer they don’t resent.

Lord help me know how I am made,
How I can live the plans you’ve laid,

Not how another fits my mold,
But rather how my story’s told.

Blank Page

February 23, 2020

Today I write my journey’s page,
One day to walk, one day to age.

I pray I write with kinder pen
As words and deeds flow from within.

Though days grow short, my pace now slow,
I’ve much to learn and much to know.

With heart and soul and mind still young,
I pray through me Your song is sung.

I pray for wisdom, words to share,
That touch the heart, help others care.

Instill in me the words to write
That cut through darkness, shine Your light.

Let shadows fade as dawn draws near.
May love take hold, drive out the fear.

This page of life I live today
I pray reflects your path, Your way.

Your Song

February 20, 2020

You write each line, each verse, my life.
Some fill with gladness others strife.

I pray Your stanzas form my song
Each word and note where they belong.

I pray my life reflects Your word,
May You be seen, Your song be heard.

Lord write Your song upon my heart
Grant me today a brand new start.

Lord write your verse through word and deed
Keep me attuned to others’ need.

Lord keep my eyes on You today.
Lord light my path show me the way

To live my life that it may rhyme
And play each note in perfect time.

Lord touch my life, adjust each string,
Give me the words Your song to sing.