Daily Strength

February 19, 2020

Lord give me strength I need today
To face what troubles come my way.

Lord help me see your mighty hand
And hear your voice, heed your command.

Before me make the pathway clear
And grant me boldness free of fear.

I pray my walk is straight and true,
I take Your hand, I follow you.

Lord grant me wisdom, not distress,
As life’s road leads through wilderness.

I pray Your living water flows
Through dry parched earth and Your love grows.

I pray that weakness, fear, nor pride
Keep me from walking by your side.

Lord in Your strength I’ll walk today
I’ll hold Your hand, show me the way.


February 18, 2020

Lord give me words of comfort now.
Pierce through this darkness show me how

To rest in You when skies are gray,
To know your love and care today.

Dark clouds roll in I trust in You,
You give me strength to get me through.

I know the darkness yields to light.
Your love surrounds me through the night.

When days are short, and nights grow long,
May words of comfort be my song.

Let words of comfort that I find
Restore my peace and ease my mind.

Lord help me capture what I’ve heard,
And set me free to share each word.

I pray the verses that I write,
Will spread your comfort and your light.

Fruit of the Spirit

February 17, 2020

Oh, Holy Spirit grow in me.
Produce Your fruit from me your tree.

Let Love shine forth that others see
Your Love at work, let hatred flee.

Let Joy abound inside my heart.
A joy that only You impart.

May I know Peace that comes from You
Within my soul each day renew.

When troubles come across my path
May I learn Patience, show no wrath.

Let Kindness touch someone today
Through what I do or what I say.

May Goodness grow inside my soul
Let helping others be my goal.

Lord keep me Faithful to the end,
Staying strong through storms and wind.

May others see Your gentleness.
Your Words of life through me express.

May Self-control be my life’s guide
As your Spirit grows inside.

Lord may I know your Spirit’s care,
Reach out today Your love to share.

February 14

February 14, 2020

Lord thank you for my wife, my friend.
We had no clue our lives you’d blend.

On Valentines we had a date,
Our very first, I wasn’t late.

We both dressed up, we had a ball,
Inside the church’s banquet hall.

I held your hand, we laughed, we played.
We formed a bond; our love has stayed.

It brought us through, though times got tough,
We always knew, true love’s enough.

We’re still in love, we know love lasts,
We’ve shared our journey, shared our pasts.

We’ve had our ups. We’ve had our downs.
But through it all, more smiles than frowns.

When we must part this side of life
We’ll meet again, no pain or strife.

Quiet Time

February 13, 2020

The stillness of the morning soothes.
I gently rock, the glider moves.

This quiet time to start my day
Fulfills my need to write and pray.

I search the scriptures in Your Word
To know the truths I’ve not yet heard.

I pray you’ll help me understand
And share your thoughts throughout the land.

I pray I see your words unfold
To heal our hearts that have grown cold.

I pray I share and can covey
Your love that heals in every way.

May your loving kindness shine.
May others know your love divine.

Lord guide my hand in verse and rhyme.
I thank you Lord for quiet time.

My Words

February 12, 2020

Lord help me live my life today
Attuned to what I do or say.

Lord may my words help others see
Your light reflecting out through me.

Lord may my words help others heal
As I express your love that’s real.

Lord give me words so show that life
Is more than heart ache, toil, and strife.

Lord may my actions show your love.
Upon your hand make me Your glove.

Lord pen the words you’d have me write
That heal the hurts, give blind their sight.

May I be less, and you be more
As I jot down each line, each score.

May I be used in some small way.
May words I write your love convey.

Your Creation

February 11, 2020

Lord all I am and long to be
Is to reflect your life in me.

You formed me with your loving hand
You gave me breath you helped me stand.

You formed me body, mind, and soul
I am unique, you broke the mold.

Lord help me be just who I am,
No pretense, pride, or glitz or glam.

May I discover all you wrapped
Inside me treasures yet untapped.

Help me Lord to always grow
Uncover more that I should know.

May I be brave and not conformed,
Explore the depths of who you formed.

Lord help me strive to reach the goal
To walk with You and be made whole.

Guide Me

February 10, 2020

I pray you guide me as I walk,
The words I say, and how I talk.

I pray you’ll guide my steps today,
You’ll guide my thoughts, and what I say.

Give me the words to share your love,
And tune my heart to things above.

I pray you guide the words I write.
May they reflect your perfect light.

Your love is pure, your love is true
I know the joy of life brand new.

You gave me life, you freed my soul,
There’s no more guilt you’ve made me whole.

Your love is strong, your love is pure.
What comes my way I can endure.

I thank you Lord I know your love.
You guide my steps from up above.

You Guide My Way

February 8, 2020

You light the path in front of me.
You guide my way. You help me see.

I never need to walk alone.
You came to earth. You left your throne.

Where e’re I go what e’re I do,
You’re always there to see me through.

When tears appear upon my cheek,
Your arms give comfort that I seek.

In times of gladness I can shout.
You share my joy, I have no doubt.

Though darkest nights and brightest days
You’re always there. Your love, it stays.

You help me see the path that’s right.
Through twists and turns I see your light.

Your ways are true, your love is pure.
You’ll see me though, of that I’m sure.

You’re with me now, you give me breath.
And you’ll be with me after death.

Upon that day I’ll be with you.
I’ll have a body that’s brand new.

I’ll see you clearly on that day
With all your glory on display.