Winds of Change

Winds of Change Audio

April 30, 2020

Across my face I feel the breeze.
I see it gently swaying trees.

The winds of change are stirring now.
Lord give me wisdom, show me how

To demonstrate Your love is real.
I pray, with change, our land will heal.

Lord give me words that others hear.
I trust in You. You cast out fear.

You give me strength, fill me with peace.
I know Your love will never cease.

Lord help us see and understand,
Embrace not drive You from our land.

Give teachers freedom in our schools
To pray aloud, no fear of rules

That censor what they say or do.
Restore their right to speak of You.

In boardrooms Lord across our land,
I pray that leaders take a stand,

Encourage workers in their care,
To share their faith and lift a prayer.

I pray that change will heal, restore,
A nation under God once more.


April 29, 2020

I thank you Lord through stormy nights,
You lift my faith to scale new heights.

I see the lightning, feel the roar,
Lord give me faith, to dare to soar.

I see your mighty power displayed.
Your strength, oh Lord, will never fade.

The storms must come, blow through my life,
Some cause me pain, pierce like a knife.

Sometimes a loss brings tears and grief,
Lost in an instant like a thief.

Storms draw me close, I trust in You
To give me strength, my faith renew.

Lord help me fly on eagle’s wings,
And share the joy that my heart sings.

I pray that others know your love,
When storms are raging up above.


April 28, 2020

Through ups and downs I’ve come to know,
I’m not the one who runs the show.

Sometimes I think I’m in control.
It’s up to me. I’ve set a goal.

But I don’t know what lies ahead,
What twists and turns that I should dread.

With life on pause, at least for now,
I pray I learn, Lord teach me how,

To rest, content, and trust in You,
And know each day you’ll get me through.

You know my future and my past.
The world may change. Your love will last.

I pray for peaceful, restful sleep
That’s soothing, healing, sound, and deep.

And when awake, I pray, each day
I’ll trust in You to guide my way.

Higher Love

April 27, 2020

Your ways are higher, they extend
Beyond what I can comprehend.

You are my God, I’m just a man.
I read your Word, glean what I can.

I stand in awe. I strive to learn.
Lord grant me insight to discern

The answers Lord to me you show,
Accept that some I need not know.

You made it all, and nature sings,
You made the stars, gave angels wings.

You sent your Son, to Him gave birth,
To show your love to us on earth.

He gave His life a sacrifice.
He took our form. He paid the price.

I know first-hand Your love for me.
You paid my debt. You set me free.

Thank You Lord

April 26, 2020

Lord thank you for another day,
For quiet time to read and pray.

In early morning silent, still,
I come to You and seek your will.

You know the future, what it holds,
You’ll walk with me as it unfolds.

You comfort me when I am sad.
You walk with me when life gets bad.

My faith and trust I place in You.
Lord you’re my strength to get me through.

I pray this chaos soon will end,
That broken lives will quickly mend.

I thank you Lord that you are near.
You are my hope, you drive out fear.

Lord help me share your hope with rhymes
That lift You up in these tough times.

Guide My Thoughts

April 25, 2020

I read your Word; I know it’s true.
Lord keep my heart and mind on you.

To honor You with heart and soul,
I pray today I reach that goal.

Lord help me focus on your light,
Help me discern the wrong from right.

You hear my prayers, of that I’m sure.
I pray my thoughts and words are pure.

My mind is active, never bored.
Help me to see what’s lovely Lord.

To write fulfills a heart’s desire
To lift your name, give praise, admire.

I strive for excellence each day,
In words I choose and what I say.

Lord You are worthy of my praise,
To You each day my prayers I raise.

A Stay at Home

April 24, 2020

In these days of “stay at home.”
I reminisce of times we’d roam,

Of camping trips, and sites to see,
A rose, a tulip, squirrel, or tree.

I still remember smells of smoke,
The warming fire, a laugh, a joke.

The hikes we made along the trail,
When we were young and much less frail.

So many trips I still recall,
The ones in spring, and those in fall.

There’s nothing like the great outdoors,
Away from noise, and bills, and chores.

A time to breathe, a time to soar,
Relax and just have fun once more.

Perhaps once more I’ll get away,
But now, content, right here I’ll stay.

Light My Path

April 23, 2020

It’s early morn, no hint of sun.
I pray before the day’s begun.

I read your Word to hear your voice.
I pray You guide my every choice.

It’s my desire to follow You.
Lord show me clearly what to do.

You know what’s best, reveal your plan.
Lord guide me as I hold your hand.

Lord light my path, prepare the way,
Help me to hear and then obey.

I pray that on your path I’ll stay,
To walk with You, and not to stray.

Lord help me rise above the fray
And keep my eyes on You today.

I trust in You. I have your peace.
I know your love will never cease.

Decide (One more thought)

April 22, 2020

I don’t know where to find the news.
What’s there today is just a ruse.

When did it change? Who did decide
To split and form the great divide?

To pit two sides of this great land
Against themselves, it’s out of hand.

They’ve pushed too far, our nation’s great.
It’s time we end this senseless hate.

We’ve fought together through this storm.
Let “work together” be our norm.

Who really needs a talking head,
To tell us what to love or dread,

Or who to trust and who to fear,
Or values that we should hold dear?

Two parties can agree to find
A way to work and still be kind.

The Hill (one more thought)

April 22, 2020

The legislature on the hill
Can never simply pass a bill.

With pokes and prods to have their say,
They’ve added days and weeks delay.

No matter if the need is great,
To make their mark, they make us wait.

They act as though they don’t know who
They represent; they have no clue.

I’m fed up with the endless hate
That’s masked behind what’s called debate.

They twist the truth to fit their needs
No matter if the country bleeds.

But we’ll remember this long spring,
Come November, some we’ll fling.

We find the ones who work for all
Those wise and just who stand up tall.