The Church

April 1, 2020

The chapels are empty, its people dispersed.
The pews will be empty on Easter, a first.

The church is not formed by a building of stone,
But rather by people, with real flesh and bone.

His people who make up His church are still strong.
We’ll still be united in prayer and in song.

Our schedules are altered, routines not the same.
In the midst of disruption, we pray in His name.

Though we can’t come together and must stay apart,
We’ll gather in spirit, united in heart.

We pray as God’s people, those called by His name,
We lift up our voices, give thanks that He came.

We pray for His comfort, His mercy, and grace;
For His guidance to walk through this lonely, dark place.

We pray as a people we find ways to share
God’s love that’s inside us, show others we care.

2 thoughts on “The Church”

  1. So True~brought a tear; because like minds reach one another…thank you for sharing per Lee’s suggestion.

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