I Lift a Prayer

April 4, 2020

I read Your word; I pray for peace.
May souls find comfort, worries cease.

I lift my prayers for those who morn,
Their loss is great, their hearts are torn.

For those inside and all alone,
Lord bring them solace, hear their groan.

For those who need the strength to serve,
Lord help us show thanks they deserve.

For moms and dads with kids to feed,
Bless others Lord who meet their need.

For those who lost their jobs, their way,
I pray you bring them peace today.

Lord draw us close, though we’re apart,
As we prepare a brand-new start.

Lord grant us wisdom, help us see
Our land united, set us free.

3 thoughts on “I Lift a Prayer”

  1. thank you for voicing our prayer~In Jesus’ name amen
    Let’s remember that God is in charge. Thinking of friends’ faraway~

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