Decide (One more thought)

April 22, 2020

I don’t know where to find the news.
What’s there today is just a ruse.

When did it change? Who did decide
To split and form the great divide?

To pit two sides of this great land
Against themselves, it’s out of hand.

They’ve pushed too far, our nation’s great.
It’s time we end this senseless hate.

We’ve fought together through this storm.
Let “work together” be our norm.

Who really needs a talking head,
To tell us what to love or dread,

Or who to trust and who to fear,
Or values that we should hold dear?

Two parties can agree to find
A way to work and still be kind.

1 thought on “Decide (One more thought)”

  1. Ya Think!! YES~WHO do they think they are fooling? It has been said this country was based on God Believers; read again. Keep Speaking Up.

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