The Hill (one more thought)

April 22, 2020

The legislature on the hill
Can never simply pass a bill.

With pokes and prods to have their say,
They’ve added days and weeks delay.

No matter if the need is great,
To make their mark, they make us wait.

They act as though they don’t know who
They represent; they have no clue.

I’m fed up with the endless hate
That’s masked behind what’s called debate.

They twist the truth to fit their needs
No matter if the country bleeds.

But we’ll remember this long spring,
Come November, some we’ll fling.

We find the ones who work for all
Those wise and just who stand up tall.

2 thoughts on “The Hill (one more thought)”

  1. I personally have not found them yet….tho I know for whom I will vote.
    We Shall Pray About this….

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