Guide My Thoughts

April 25, 2020

I read your Word; I know it’s true.
Lord keep my heart and mind on you.

To honor You with heart and soul,
I pray today I reach that goal.

Lord help me focus on your light,
Help me discern the wrong from right.

You hear my prayers, of that I’m sure.
I pray my thoughts and words are pure.

My mind is active, never bored.
Help me to see what’s lovely Lord.

To write fulfills a heart’s desire
To lift your name, give praise, admire.

I strive for excellence each day,
In words I choose and what I say.

Lord You are worthy of my praise,
To You each day my prayers I raise.

3 thoughts on “Guide My Thoughts”

  1. Words you pen are a blessing to me and, others, having read them. I start my day with a reading of your rhymes. Thank you.

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