Thank You Lord

April 26, 2020

Lord thank you for another day,
For quiet time to read and pray.

In early morning silent, still,
I come to You and seek your will.

You know the future, what it holds,
You’ll walk with me as it unfolds.

You comfort me when I am sad.
You walk with me when life gets bad.

My faith and trust I place in You.
Lord you’re my strength to get me through.

I pray this chaos soon will end,
That broken lives will quickly mend.

I thank you Lord that you are near.
You are my hope, you drive out fear.

Lord help me share your hope with rhymes
That lift You up in these tough times.

6 thoughts on “Thank You Lord”

  1. Your poetry helps us stay connected with other Christians who feel as we do , that indeed our Father which art in heaven is there for us.

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