Higher Love

April 27, 2020

Your ways are higher, they extend
Beyond what I can comprehend.

You are my God, I’m just a man.
I read your Word, glean what I can.

I stand in awe. I strive to learn.
Lord grant me insight to discern

The answers Lord to me you show,
Accept that some I need not know.

You made it all, and nature sings,
You made the stars, gave angels wings.

You sent your Son, to Him gave birth,
To show your love to us on earth.

He gave His life a sacrifice.
He took our form. He paid the price.

I know first-hand Your love for me.
You paid my debt. You set me free.

1 thought on “Higher Love”

  1. Higher Thoughts to contemplate The Highest; and No Greater Love; If We
    meditated on This forever; We could not fathom; Eternal Love~

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