A Glimpse

April 22, 2020

I open up Your written Word,
I know for sure from You I’ve heard.

I thank you Lord Your words survive
To share your truths, they’re still alive.

I pray you’ll help me to discern
The words I read that I may learn,

That I may probe those words of old,
More precious Lord than bars of gold.

I thank you Lord you made a way
To know your love throughout the day.

I thank you Lord that I can share
What’s on my heart, I know You care.

You give me comfort when I’m down.
You know my heart; you see my frown.

You lift me up, you help me see,
A tiny glimpse … eternity.

Help to Soar

April 21, 2020

Though life is changed my heart still sings.
Lord help me soar, extend my wings.

Lord help me see beyond these walls,
Beyond the doors, the rooms, the halls.

Lord lift me up to find new heights.
Expand my view, reveal new sights.

Your Spirit lives inside my heart,
Help me discern words You impart.

The Words You spoke so long ago
Still lift me up when I am low.

Your Word is love. It gives me life.
It gives me peace through times of strife.

So many hurting in despair,
On their behalf I lift my prayer.

Lord give them hope and faith once more,
To trust in You who can restore.

A Brighter Day

April 20, 2020

I’m grateful Lord for days gone by.
The sun still rises in the sky.

Today will be a brighter day.
I share my heart; Your love convey.

I’m touched by those who’ve shared a prayer,
Reached out to say, “I know and care.”

I’m grateful Lord for those who say
“I’ll help someone, I’ll find a way.”

I’m touched by acts of kindness shown.
Throughout our land a love has grown,

A love that reaches those in need,
A helping hand, a word, a deed.

I pray these acts are just the start
Of more to come, touch every heart.

Lord help me spread Your love and light
By words, by deeds, by what I write.

A Time to Grieve

April 19, 2020

Sometimes in life I suffer loss,
Those painful depths that I must cross.

Inside my heart remains a hole,
A time of grieving in my soul.

You never promised life’s all great,
I know my life’s not left to fate.

I know that I can trust in You.
You’ll give me comfort, get me through.

You morn with me when I’m in grief.
Your love brings comfort and relief.

You’ve walked with me through loss before,
You’ve helped me heal, be whole once more.

You’ll walk with me through this time too,
Lord even now I lean on You.

You know my heart. To you I pray.
Give me the strength I need today.

Guide My Way

April 19, 2020

Lord guide my way, the pathway dims,
It’s overgrown with brush and limbs.

The clouds obscure the moon at night,
I need You close, I need Your light.

My life’s on hold, I’ve lost my grip,
I cling to You, so I won’t slip.

I know a brighter day will come.
Lord I’ve been blessed much more than some.

I’m grateful for Your loving hand.
More blessings Lord than grains of sand.

When troubles come, I can recall
The times You’ve kept me from a fall.

I lean on You when in distress,
When skies are dark and life’s a mess.

Lord guide my steps, show me the way,
Until it dawns a brighter day.

Though Life Is Hard

April 18, 2020

Though life is hard I trust in You.
You give me strength to get me through.

You’re with me through the darkest night,
I trust in You when things aren’t right.

When reasons why cannot be found,
When life’s not right, it’s come unwound,

I place my life into your care.
You get me through when life’s unfair.

You comfort me when days are sad,
I’m still your child, and you’re my Dad.

You help me walk, when life must change,
Help me adjust and rearrange,

Accept my life as it is now.
I trust you Lord to show me how.

Help me endure this present storm,
And come to terms with life’s new norm.

Our Charlie’s Gone

Charlie Brown in 2006.
September 1, 2004 – April 17, 2020

April 15, 2020 and April 17, 2020

April 15, 2020

Sleep was scarce, the night was long.
Our dog cried out, there’s something wrong.

I gave him meds, I stroked his head
He dozed a little in his bed.

He could not settle in one spot.
The pills helped some but not a lot.

Still restless, it was just past four,
He wanted out, stood at the door.

He did his business, came back in,
But would not go to bed again.

He settled down beside his dish
A bowl of food, his constant wish.

I don’t know what this day will bring,
I pray he makes it through the spring.

When meds no longer help with pain,
We’ll have to choose to be humane.

April 17, 2020

The pain meds worked for two more days,
Was back to normal Charlie ways.

Then late last night, in pain he woke.
His panicked look, “Help something’s broke.”

I helped him up, it hurt to walk.
My wife and I sat down and talked.

We made the call, the late-night vet.
The choice was hard, we’re both upset,

But in the end, we did what’s right
To end his suff’ring late last night.

A New Day

April 16, 2020

I thank you Lord for this new day.
Help me accept what comes my way.

No matter what this day may bring,
You’re in control. You are my King.

I lift my voice to You in prayer.
You know my needs, my every care.

Throughout the night I can endure.
You’ll bring the dawn, of that I’m sure.

You’re in control, Lord lead the way.
I choose to walk with You today.

I pray today I spread Your light,
You’re lifted up with words I write.

Lord as we open this new door,
We’ll tread where we’ve not been before.

I pray the nations turn to You,
And seek Your help to get us through.

A Time in Prayer

April 14, 2020

I come to You my Lord in prayer
Before it’s light, this time to share.

You know my heart before I speak.
You help restore the peace I seek.

I’m sad to see the world so wrong,
New deaths reported all day long.

I pray dear God this soon will end,
Lord let Your love on us descend.

I pray that those who don’t know You
Will find Your truth they never knew.

I pray that while the world’s on hold
You warm my heart where it’s grown cold.

Lord help me search my heart and soul,
Discover places not yet whole.

Help me accept what You reveal
And bare my soul that You may heal.

I Stand in Awe

April 13, 2020

The sun came up before I woke.
Time ticks away, won’t miss a stroke.

You’re in control. Lord you’re in charge.
The universe, so vast, so large;

I stand in awe, You made it all.
Yet Lord You care for me so small.

You give me breath and life on earth.
You loved me Lord before my birth.

Lord give me sight that I may see
The path You planned that’s meant for me.

Lord give me ears to hear Your voice.
I need discernment for each choice.

No matter what the day may bring,
I trust in You, Your praise I sing.

I’ll live by faith ‘til my last breath,
Then see Your face; You conquered death.