April 12, 2020

Though daily life has changed for now.
I praise Your name, before You bow.

On this Your resurrection day
The angels rolled the stone away.

Death could not keep You in the grave.
You rose, restored, You came to save.

I’m humbled Lord You thought us worth
Enough to live and die on earth.

You conquered death, You rose to reign.
The tomb’s still empty where You’d lain.

You give me hope, a life brand new.
I put my faith and trust in You.

I know not when my life will cease,
But You arose You give me peace.

I pray that many seek and find
Their life in You and not mankind.

Life Restored

April 11, 2020

Lord you’re my strength, in You I’m strong.
I walk with You; the days are long.

So many struggle for each breath,
So many now so close to death.

Lord help me share with words I write,
Your hope; restore their will to fight.

For those who grieve I lift my prayer,
Lord give them strength when life’s not fair.

I thank You Lord for those who find
New ways to share, show love, be kind.

I thank You Lord, in times like these,
You hear my prayers, my humble pleas.

You gave Your life so long ago
Help me this day Your love to show.

Help me encourage others Lord
Who need Your touch, their life restored.


April 10, 2020

I’m humbled Lord, You paid the price.
For me you made such sacrifice.

Disciples in the upper room,
They had no thoughts of death or tomb.

You shared a meal and broke the bread,
They could not grasp what lay ahead.

The Garden’s called Gethsemane.
You pled to God in agony.

You knew the day and time had come,
Your prayer to God, “Your will be done.”

You knew events that would unfold.
Down through years they’ve been retold.

Along with others I give praise
You gave Your life, but in three days

You rose again to life brand new,
A life I now can share with You.

Morning Prayer

April 9, 2020 (Video Link:

I rise up early Lord before it’s light.
It’s not yet morning and it’s not still night.

So many people Lord in need of prayer,
So many sick who need intensive care.

I lift my prayers to You for those in need.
On their behalf oh Lord their case I plead.

I also pray for those who morn a loss,
You know their pain, you suffered on the cross.

Oh what a privilege I have to share
Along with others Lord I bring my prayer.

I’m humbled Lord you made a way,
That I can come, You hear the words I say.

The morning’s silent Lord, the world is still.
I pray my heart’s aligned and in your will.

I see the dawn appearing in the sky,
I give You praise, I lift Your name on high.

I pray You help me Lord your song to sing;
To share a love that only You can bring.

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I Lift My Voice

April 8, 2020

Lord unto you I lift my voice.
I’ve trusted You; I’ve made my choice.

God you’re above both time and space.
I call Your name; I seek your face.

You sent your Son, You made a way,
It’s in His name I humbly pray.

It’s Your desire, I come to You.
Lord hear my plea, my faith renew.

Though storms may come, and winds may gust,
In You oh Lord, I place my trust.

Lord help me see beyond the haze,
Through clouds of doubt, to brighter days.

I pray my faith and trust will grow,
Much more of You I seek to know.

Lord guide me through this darkest night.
Lord help me see Your holy light.

Give Us Strength

April 7, 2020

Lord help us see beyond today.
Lord grant us hope to find our way.

We see the virus strike our friends.
We pray that soon this nightmare ends.

We pray for those whose loved ones die.
Lord bring them comfort when they cry.

We need Your strength, help us endure,
Lord speed the day we find a cure.

We’ve seen the ways our people care,
Displays of kindness everywhere,

We’ve seen them give, we’ve been so blessed,
Those tireless heroes without rest.

They work so hard, they work so long,
Those silent warriors, brave and strong.

Lord give us strength to make it through.
We lift our prayers this day to You.

A Prayer for Our Nation

October 6, 2018, shared April 6, 2020

I spent some time this morning looking back over some of the rhymes I penned in days gone by. Reading them today, they take on a new meaning. The lines I wrote October 6, 2018 are still so true today …

In the hour before sunrise so still and serene
Spending time with the Lord has become my routine.
I pray that our nation finds wisdom and peace,
That divisions and hatred and fighting may cease.

Instead of a world that is driven by greed,
I pray we can focus on others in need.
Instead of out differences pulling apart,
May our actions be driven by love in our heart.

May we reach out to others and stretch out a hand.
May goodness and kindness take root in our land.
May the words that we speak and the actions we take,
Bring about a new spirit to heal and not break.

May our nation return to the values held dear,
Be a light in the darkness and drive out all fear.

Share His Love

April 6, 2020

I pray for lyrics, clear and strong.
Stir one who’ll turn them into song.

I pray for words that share my heart,
Bring us together when apart,

That share Your love, draw others near,
Help us to know Your peace not fear.

I pray that through this whole ordeal
We learn what matters, what is real.

No longer cling to things we hold,
Your love is worth much more than gold.

We pray, we share, though we’re inside.
I pray Your love spreads far and wide.

With hearts together, bow, and pray.
We lift our voice to You today.

I pray that when this day is past
We’ve found in You the things which last.


April 5, 2020

We’ll see the light but now it’s dark.
The current plague will leave its mark.

We’ve all been touched and changed some way.
May dawn bring forth a brighter day.

We’re thankful for the kindness shown,
So many ways our country’s grown.

May broken hearts be touched, restored,
Embrace Your love we’ve long ignored.

I pray we find Your love and grace,
As we look up and seek Your face.

I pray Your love will never leave,
Your love that comforts while we grieve.

I pray we change from inside out;
Restore our faith, drive out the doubt.

I pray we all will see the light.
We’ve been so blind, restore our sight.

Time to Pray

April 5, 2020

We work, we strive, we set a goal,
But life is not in our control.

No way to change our circumstance,
Did this all happen just by chance?

We’ve questioned if there is a God.
We want someone who spares the rod,

Prefer instead to have our say.
We think we know the better way.

We’ve said to God, “Get out of schools.
We’re grown up now, we make the rules.”

In arrogance we’ve turned our backs,
Denied He’s there or launched attacks.

I pray it’s not too late to turn;
Acknowledge Him, we’ve much to learn.

The world is upside down today.
It’s time to lift our voice and pray.