Always There – Song

A little over a year ago, a friend, Mary Jo Logan, came to me with a beautiful melody. I was honored when she asked me to listen to it and see what words it brought to mind. I penned some lyrics and this morning she shared the end result as part of a beautifully scripted video beginning with “The Interview with God” poem by Hamid Yeganeh and ending with the song Always There incorporating her music and my lyrics. Thank you, Mary Jo. I pray it’s a blessing to many.

I Lift a Prayer

April 4, 2020

I read Your word; I pray for peace.
May souls find comfort, worries cease.

I lift my prayers for those who morn,
Their loss is great, their hearts are torn.

For those inside and all alone,
Lord bring them solace, hear their groan.

For those who need the strength to serve,
Lord help us show thanks they deserve.

For moms and dads with kids to feed,
Bless others Lord who meet their need.

For those who lost their jobs, their way,
I pray you bring them peace today.

Lord draw us close, though we’re apart,
As we prepare a brand-new start.

Lord grant us wisdom, help us see
Our land united, set us free.

New Heroes

April 3, 2020

New Heroes
Our nation’s changed, it’s different now.
We closed our borders, made a vow,

“We’ll work together, yet stay home.
We’ll stay in place, pledge not to roam.”

Some forced to live a slower pace,
While others run a frantic race.

We see new heroes now emerge
To meet our needs, to fight the scourge.

Those dedicated to their task,
Each draped in gown and facial mask,

To those engaged to keep us whole,
Each do their part and play a role,

To those who rise to meet our need,
To all who serve in word and deed,

We give you thanks for all you do,
You give us hope, we’re proud of you.

Brighter Day

April 2, 2020

For those to whom the doctors say,
“You’ve tested positive today,”

I pray you know and love the Lord.
He brings us peace we can’t afford.

He grants it freely if we ask.
That’s what it takes, our only task.

He made a way for us to see,
To know His truth and be set free.

He’ll walk with us through valleys deep.
He’s by our side though walls are steep,

Too high to climb when we are weak.
We turn to him, his strength we seek.

I pray that you can truly say
“Coronavirus have your way.

I’ll live or die, but either way,
I soon will see a brighter day.”

Not Alone

April 2, 2020

Lord walk with me as days grow dark;
An empty street, a childless park.

Keep doctors, nurses brave and strong.
They fight the virus all day long.

Lord help me share your words of old
That give them comfort, soothe their soul.

Lord you’re my strength, in You I trust,
I know some day I’ll turn to dust.

Then take me to a place on high
Beyond the hills, beyond the sky.

Until that day help me to know
The words to write, Your love to show.

I pray for mercy, heal our land,
As we Your people take Your hand.

We humbly bow before Your throne.
We know in You we’re not alone.

The Church

April 1, 2020

The chapels are empty, its people dispersed.
The pews will be empty on Easter, a first.

The church is not formed by a building of stone,
But rather by people, with real flesh and bone.

His people who make up His church are still strong.
We’ll still be united in prayer and in song.

Our schedules are altered, routines not the same.
In the midst of disruption, we pray in His name.

Though we can’t come together and must stay apart,
We’ll gather in spirit, united in heart.

We pray as God’s people, those called by His name,
We lift up our voices, give thanks that He came.

We pray for His comfort, His mercy, and grace;
For His guidance to walk through this lonely, dark place.

We pray as a people we find ways to share
God’s love that’s inside us, show others we care.