May 31, 2020

I come to You my Lord and King
To share my heart with words I bring.

I come to You with words I write,
I pray they’re pleasing in your sight.

I lift my prayer though days are bleak.
You lift me up and help me speak.

Surround me Lord with love and care;
Give me new hope, drive out despair.

I bring to You my simple plea,
To find your grace enough for me,

That I’m content each day to live,
A thankful heart for what you give.

Lord give me faith to trust in You.
Refresh my soul, like morning dew.

I lift my praise, in Your name pray,
I thank you Lord for each new day.

Unite in Prayer

May 30, 2020

I lift my words to God in prayer.
I write them down that I might share.

Lord search my heart for what’s inside.
Lord shine your light, let nothing hide.

I pray that I have ears to hear
The words you whisper in my ear.

My heart is torn by what I see.
I pray ‘unite’ means bend a knee.

A senseless death invoked by hate,
Lord help us heal, it’s not too late.

An angry mob to smash and burn
Will not save lives, cause hearts to turn.

Lord heal our hearts, restore our soul.
Lord only you can make us whole.

I pray that bitterness and hate will end.
Lord let your peace on us descend.

Inner Peace

May 29, 2020

I’ve grown accustomed to this pace,
Discovered life is not a race.

To take the time to pause, assess,
Can breed contentment, happiness,

To ponder things that I hold dear,
Refuse to live in doubt and fear,

Alone in prayer discover gold,
An inner peace that I can hold.

I pray that peace and joy will stay
And linger in my soul today.

When troubles come, they always do,
I pray Your peace will see me through.

Lord you’re the joy inside my soul.
Instill in me this single goal,

To please the One who matters most,
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


May 28, 2020

What images formed in my head
As I lay sleeping in my bed?

What wispy shadows still remain?
Do they still linger in my brain?

What colors would I use to paint
The swirls of thought without restraint?

What images would form with words?
Would they sprout wings and fly like birds?

I long to write not from my head,
But share what’s in my heart instead.

The Spirit God has placed inside
Has come to dwell, to lead, to guide.

I pray that Spirit finds a way
To rise inside and have a say.

That Spirit longs to soar and fly,
Reflect the love of God on high.

Joy in Words

May 27, 2020

To write the words, share from my heart,
Brings joy inside, a peaceful start,

A quiet time with God in prayer,
A privilege my words to share.

I scratch the surface with my rhyme,
Reach out to God not bound by time.

So much to know and comprehend
I’ll still be learning ‘til the end.

Your ways are deep beyond my mind,
I pray each day a gem I’ll find.

I thank you Lord you want to hear
The words I whisper in your ear.

The time I spend with You and share
Renews my soul with tender care.

Lord give me words to share each day,
Reflect your love with what I say.

Time to Soar

May 26, 2020

It’s time to test our mended wings,
To check our heart, make sure it sings,

Get off the ground and catch a breeze,
Above the rooftops, over trees.

It’s time to soar into the sky,
To heed the call once more to fly.

Lord lift us up into the skies,
Let faith and hope and love arise.

I pray we’ve healed enough to smile,
And even laugh, just for a while.

We’ve come through much to make us sad,
Restore our hope, make our hearts glad.

I pray that we can glide and soar,
That faith and hope will reign once more.

It’s time to lift our voice and sing,
Acknowledge You as Lord and King.

Broken Hearts

May 25, 2020

Reports each day can beat me down,
So tempting now to read and frown.

The broadcasts filled with more bad news,
Projections change, they just confuse.

For many Lord it’s life or death.
They struggle daily for each breath.

My heart goes out to those in need,
The sad and mourning hearts that bleed.

I lift them up to you in prayer.
I pray they feel your love and care.

Lord touch their hearts let faith increase.
Surround them Lord engulfed in peace.

I pray the hurting soon will end,
Those wounded hearts begin to mend.

Lord you’re the one who can restore,
Help broken hearts to heal once more.

Bring Comfort

May 24, 2020

So many Lord in need of you,
Lord give them comfort, see them through.

The hurt is real, the wounds are deep,
This rocky road of life is steep.

The climb is hard to reach the top.
Lord help the weak to walk, not stop.

Lord give them faith and strength to pray,
With You survive another day.

Surrounded by this darkness night,
Provide them strength, the will to fight,

Their burden Lord, so hard to bear,
With heavy heart in need of care.

A time of mourning, grieving, fear,
Lord bring your comfort, save each tear.

Please touch them Lord, reach out your hand,
You hear their cries and understand.

A Gift to Share

A fun recording by John and Lee

May 24, 2020

We have some news. We found a pup.
In two more weeks, we’ll pick her up.

We got to hold her yesterday
And watch her sleep and see her play.

We dearly loved our Charlie Brown.
He was a joy to have around.

He left a hole we’ll never fill.
We have more love. She fit the bill.

The owners raise this special breed.
They give them love, meet every need.

We pray the vet check goes okay,
Can’t wait to hear what he will say.

She’s just a doll, cute as can be.
Her mom and dad were fun to see.

We cherish times that we’ve been through,
This is a gift we share as two.

A special day that lies ahead,
Tomorrow marks the day we wed.