A Dream

May 16, 2020

I dreamed an angel came last night.
He glowed a brilliant pearly white.

His voice was strong, said “Come with me.
Your life here’s done. I’ll set you free.”

I felt my troubled face grow pale.
“I’ll speak but doubt my words prevail.

“If it’s my time, I’ll go tonight.
I long to see God’s holy light.

“But humbly I request more time,
A few more years for my life’s rhyme.

“So many words I’d like to say,
So many lines to write each day.

“My wife’s not well, she needs me here.
Must I go now, leave her in fear?”

The angel heard me plead my case.
Said “One day soon you’ll see his face.”

He disappeared, rose out of sight.
I have more time, my life to write.

I pray with days that still remain,
I live to serve, ease other’s pain.

4 thoughts on “A Dream”

  1. This is an intensely powerful poem, John. To be granted even one more day in this life is such a gift!

  2. Definitely a rhyme in your top ten. It touched my heart for the years I cared for my before her passing. God has blessed you with a talent that truly does serve others.

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