A Gift to Share

A fun recording by John and Lee

May 24, 2020

We have some news. We found a pup.
In two more weeks, we’ll pick her up.

We got to hold her yesterday
And watch her sleep and see her play.

We dearly loved our Charlie Brown.
He was a joy to have around.

He left a hole we’ll never fill.
We have more love. She fit the bill.

The owners raise this special breed.
They give them love, meet every need.

We pray the vet check goes okay,
Can’t wait to hear what he will say.

She’s just a doll, cute as can be.
Her mom and dad were fun to see.

We cherish times that we’ve been through,
This is a gift we share as two.

A special day that lies ahead,
Tomorrow marks the day we wed.

4 thoughts on “A Gift to Share”

  1. This is great, John and Lee! I can hear the excitement in your voices about the new puppy. What kind of dog? Can’t wait to see pictures:) Oh, and happy anniversary, as well!!!

    Take care!

  2. Thank you. She’s the same breed Charlie was – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

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