Broken Hearts

May 25, 2020

Reports each day can beat me down,
So tempting now to read and frown.

The broadcasts filled with more bad news,
Projections change, they just confuse.

For many Lord it’s life or death.
They struggle daily for each breath.

My heart goes out to those in need,
The sad and mourning hearts that bleed.

I lift them up to you in prayer.
I pray they feel your love and care.

Lord touch their hearts let faith increase.
Surround them Lord engulfed in peace.

I pray the hurting soon will end,
Those wounded hearts begin to mend.

Lord you’re the one who can restore,
Help broken hearts to heal once more.

2 thoughts on “Broken Hearts”

  1. Very good comments, thanks for reminding me that God is still in charge even though we have no idea why he allows certain things to happen.

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