Unite in Prayer

May 30, 2020

I lift my words to God in prayer.
I write them down that I might share.

Lord search my heart for what’s inside.
Lord shine your light, let nothing hide.

I pray that I have ears to hear
The words you whisper in my ear.

My heart is torn by what I see.
I pray ‘unite’ means bend a knee.

A senseless death invoked by hate,
Lord help us heal, it’s not too late.

An angry mob to smash and burn
Will not save lives, cause hearts to turn.

Lord heal our hearts, restore our soul.
Lord only you can make us whole.

I pray that bitterness and hate will end.
Lord let your peace on us descend.

2 thoughts on “Unite in Prayer”

  1. I liked to see the stance of the riot patrol last night when they were on their knees to disperse the crowd.

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