Casting Words

May 6, 2020

I long to soar, fly with the rest.
For now, I’m stuck here in the nest.

One day I’ll fly and stretch my wings,
For now, I’ll sit, just ponder things.

What would I say if I expressed
The way I feel; am I depressed?

Perhaps I am, perhaps a tad,
With all the news that makes me sad.

I capture what I feel with rhyme.
The rhythm keeps the words in time.

By writing down the way I feel,
I think it helps me cope and heal.

Hold nothing back, just let it flow,
Just write it down and let it go.

I cast my words out on the net,
For friends, for those I’ve never met.

It brings me joy to start my day,
Alone with God to write and pray.

I pray that what I write and share
Helps others know God’s love and care.

Here with You

May 5, 2020

I’m blessed with time alone with You,
Just here with You, no church, no pew,

A quiet time, just for a while.
Your child who needs your love, your smile,

Reflecting on the years gone by.
I lived each day, they seemed to fly,

I seldom noticed You were there,
Or took the time to say I care.

The days all merge, grow into years,
I clearly see it’s you who steers.

You’re in control. You know what’s best.
I trust you Lord; in you I rest.

Alone with You I write and pray,
You give me strength to start each day.

You daily meet my every need,
I just need faith, a tiny seed.

Ordinary Days

Ordinary Days Audio

May 4, 2020

Sometimes I long for days of old
When life fit nicely in a mold.

Will ordinary days return?
Can I adapt and change and learn?

At times my restless soul needs still,
Needs quiet time to know your will.

In this time before it’s day,
Before the sun has had its way,

I speak to you, my Lord, in prayer.
You listen Lord. You’re always there.

You know my needs. You understand.
Sometimes I sit, just hold your hand.

These times seem strange, not lived before,
I cannot see what lies in store.

When I’m disturbed by what’s ahead,
I rest in you, find peace instead.

You know the future and the past.
I trust you Lord. Your love will last.

I thank you Lord for peace you bring,
Refreshing water from your spring.

Guide My Ship

Guide My Ship Audio

May 3, 2020

Lord you’re the one who rescues me,
My lifeboat on the stormy sea.

When life’s uncertain, upside down.
I cling to You lest I should drown.

I need you Lord to guide my ship,
Without you Lord, I’d surely flip.

You calm the stormy sea inside,
Within my soul where You abide.

You’re in control, you’re at the helm.
You guide me from a different realm.

You reach beyond the earth and sea,
And yet your Spirit lives in me.

I thank you Lord, you’re in control,
That you’re the captain of my soul.

I know this storm will end someday.
Lord guide my ship, show me the way.

Time to Share

Time to Share Audio

May 2, 2020

I thank you Lord for time to heal,
To read, to pray with You, be real.

In prayer I’m spending time with You.
Each day I sing a song that’s new.

I thank you Lord that through this time
I’ve come to share my heart in rhyme.

I thank you Lord you help me see
That others matter more than me,

That I can share what’s in my soul
To help someone find You, be whole.

I’m not a pro, not trained in art,
I simply share what’s in my heart.

I pray that words I write and share
Will help someone to know You care.

I pray once life regains its speed,
These rhymes still touch someone in need.


Hibernation Audio

May 1, 2020

A time to hibernate at home,
A time to stir, once more to roam.

To stay inside is normal now.
To venture out, will I know how?

My comfort zone now seems so small.
Will I break through, go out at all?

The masks are called protective gear,
Perhaps they also hide the fear.

It’s almost time, I’ve had my stay.
I think I’ll wait another day.

No need to go. I’m in no rush.
I like the calm, the still, the hush.

It’s been a time to write and share.
One day I’ll roam, one day I’ll dare.

Content to wait another week,
Right now, inside, it’s not so bleak.