My Prayer

June 30, 2020 posted poem from November 1, 2019

I overslept this morning, so I dug into my archives and decided to share this one today. These few short lines seemed appropriate for our times.

I pray that God’s love would take root in our soul.
I pray it brings healing, restores and makes whole.

I pray that the hate-based division would cease.
May the love that’s within us toward others increase.

May God’s light pierce the darkness, the hurt, and the pain.
May we soak up His love like a parched desert rain.

May storms raging around us give way to His light.
May our eyes see the truth and discern wrong from right.

May His love lift us up to new heights we’ve not known.
May flowers spring forth where His seeds have been sown.

May Your Light Shine

June 29, 2020

The news is full of all that’s wrong.
Lord help me hear your Word, your song.

Whatever, Lord, this day will bring,
I pray inside my heart can sing.

I come before you now and pray.
Lord help me hear the words you say.

Lord tune my heart that I may hear
Your words of peace that drive out fear,

Your words that bring me joy inside.
Fill every space where doubt may hide.

I pray today that I may share
Your peace with those now in despair.

Lord you’re the way, the truth, the light.
You help me see. You give me sight.

I pray your light can shine through me
To touch someone and help them see.

Behind the Wheel

June 28, 2020

I lift my prayer to you today,
You know the road, show me the way.

Lord you’re the one who’s in control.
I’m not in charge, that’s not my role.

I need your help with stubborn pride.
I take the wheel; just let you ride.

Lord help me learn to trust in you,
To let you drive, just watch the view.

I need to learn to trust you more,
To go where I’ve not been before.

Lord when I think I know the way,
Help me to stop, to pause, and pray.

A quiet place, my spirit’s still,
Make sure my life is in your will.

I pray I learn to let you lead,
To trust in you, you’re all I need.


June 27, 2020

I thank you Lord that we can pray.
You know our needs, care what we say.

We lift up friends who mourn today,
On their behalf for them we pray.

You ease the pain of doubts and fears.
You offer comfort, dry the tears.

So many Lord must now adjust,
Renew their faith, renew their trust.

When those we love are now with you,
Lord grant us strength to start anew.

So many lives are different now.
Help them adapt, Lord show them how.

We pray their days won’t seem so long.
Lord mend their hearts and keep them strong.

Lord help them find the joy you bring.
We pray that soon, once more they’ll sing.


June 26, 2020

Is this the day the rhymes will leave?
Will I run out of words to weave?

Do I just write when life is tough?
How many lines will be enough?

When I sit down to spend the time,
Jot down some words and lines of rhyme,

It helps me find what’s deep inside,
To search for thoughts that try to hide.

It’s just a way to start my day,
It helps me focus as I pray.

I pray my rhymes are like a song
That praise the Lord the whole day long.

I pray the words I find to share
Help others know his love and care.

I pray these lines you’ve read or heard
Inspire you to read God’s Word.


June 25, 2020

What thoughts are hidden in my mind?
What words are there for me to find?

What feelings will my soul impart,
If I dig deep inside my heart?

My spirit, body, mind, and soul
All meld to form a single whole.

They each make up a part of me,
Shape who I am and want to be.

What happens when my mind’s asleep?
What bubbles up that I can keep?

Do I just sleep to rest and heal?
Sometimes a dream can seem so real.

I rise up early from my bed.
Faint words still linger in my head.

My favored time to read and pray,
Lord thank you for another day.


June 24, 2020

Do colors force me to one side?
Choose red or blue, must I decide?

Some colors mark a choice of school.
Red, orange, maroon, which one will rule?

Sometimes the choice is black or white.
Must one be wrong, the other right?

Must color codes bring on debate,
Create division, end in hate?

We’re all together on this earth.
God gave us life. We all have worth.

Not one of us is black or white,
We all are equal in God’s sight.

We all have faults we cannot hide.
We’ve all been bruised and hurt inside.

We all need God; he hears our call.
His arms are open wide to all.


June 22, 2020

The thunder rumbles trough the skies.
The Coved beds are on the rise.

Where are the strong, the wise, the brave
To lead us through another wave?

I lift a simple prayer today,
I trust you Lord to lead the way.

You’ll raise up those whose hearts are strong,
Who trust in You and sing your song.

You’ll send us those who help us see,
That only You can set us free.

We’ll see the light, no longer blind,
The truth no longer hard to find.

Lord send us those who lead the way,
Who spread your truth with what they say,

Who put the needs of others first.
For living water Lord, we thirst.

Humble Heart

June 22, 2020

We’ve gone too far, we’re off the path,
I pray we turn, avoid God’s wrath.

We’ve too much pride to kneel and pray.
With humble heart I come today.

I’m grateful Lord you made a way,
That I can come to you and pray.

I look inside for where to start.
I ask you Lord to change my heart.

I come, I hang my head in shame,
When I, by acts, deny your name.

My sinful nature rears its head,
Lord help me follow you instead.

May we, your people, bow in prayer.
With contrite hearts, your name we share.

I thank you Lord, you can restore.
I pray we heal, praise you once more.

Draw Near

June 21, 2020

Some days the world seems on the brink,
We’re near the end, or so we think.

I come to You, I read your Word.
Lord help me live what I have heard.

Lord help me keep my eyes on you.
Your Word is fresh, each day it’s new.

I pray I learn when troubles come
To not shut down, inside grow numb.

I pray these trials help me grow,
To find that inner peace and know

Your Word is life, your Word is true,
Whatever comes to trust in you.

I thank you Lord you’re in control,
The source of joy inside my soul.

I pray that others read and hear,
Find rest in You as they draw near.