Humble Heart

June 22, 2020

We’ve gone too far, we’re off the path,
I pray we turn, avoid God’s wrath.

We’ve too much pride to kneel and pray.
With humble heart I come today.

I’m grateful Lord you made a way,
That I can come to you and pray.

I look inside for where to start.
I ask you Lord to change my heart.

I come, I hang my head in shame,
When I, by acts, deny your name.

My sinful nature rears its head,
Lord help me follow you instead.

May we, your people, bow in prayer.
With contrite hearts, your name we share.

I thank you Lord, you can restore.
I pray we heal, praise you once more.

8 thoughts on “Humble Heart”

  1. thank you for bringing to mind that we are called to be humble as Jesus was humble~paula

  2. I look forward to seeing your poem every day. Today’s is right on for the choices facing us now. Thank you for sharing. Your poems are becoming an integral part of my daily devotions.

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