June 27, 2020

I thank you Lord that we can pray.
You know our needs, care what we say.

We lift up friends who mourn today,
On their behalf for them we pray.

You ease the pain of doubts and fears.
You offer comfort, dry the tears.

So many Lord must now adjust,
Renew their faith, renew their trust.

When those we love are now with you,
Lord grant us strength to start anew.

So many lives are different now.
Help them adapt, Lord show them how.

We pray their days won’t seem so long.
Lord mend their hearts and keep them strong.

Lord help them find the joy you bring.
We pray that soon, once more they’ll sing.

3 thoughts on “Comfort”

  1. Yes, we pray He is still in control and will help us through these difficult times.

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