Cloudy Days

June 20, 2020

The morning graced the cloudy skies.
I stayed in bed, was slow to rise.

My wife rose early, she was up,
Took care of Lucy, our new pup.

Lucy snuggled in her lap,
A cozy place to take a nap.

We shared our morning cup of Joe,
With time to sip it nice and slow.

Lucy ate her morning food.
She’s always in a happy mood.

No words profound to share today,
Just grateful Lord for each new day.

I’m grateful Lord, my body works,
Just minor aches and pains and quirks.

I’m grateful Lord on cloudy days,
You help me see, cut through the haze.

Another Morn

June 19, 2020

Another morn the sun will rise.
I pray I read with open eyes.

I thank you Lord I have your Word,
A true account of what occurred,

So many truths from long ago,
And so much wisdom I could know.

So much to know, to learn, and share
To learn to live, and love, and care.

I pray I hear your truths inside,
They touch my heart and there reside.

Your love can penetrate my soul,
Flow into places now still cold.

Instill your love inside of me.
Lord shine your light that I may see.

May I display your love today
In all I do and all I say.

Daddy Time

June 18, 2020

My puppy woke up early for some daddy time.
It’s not my normal way to write a rhyme.

She’s in my lap, I rocked her back to sleep.
She’s sleeping lightly now, it’s not too deep.

Perhaps I have the time to write some lines.
If not, I’ll need to find an older rhyme.

I’m rocking gently, she seems quite content,
A different quiet time than most I’ve spent.

It’s almost light, and she will want to play,
I guess she’ll dominate my rhyme today.

God’s in control, he knows my heart.
He knew the way this day would start.

I can share with him throughout the day.
He always there to hear the words I say.

God hears my prayers at any time or place,
If I take time to seek my Daddy’s face.

I rise up early, read and write my rhyme.
It’s my own way of having Daddy time.

Why Share?

June 17, 2020

Why do I write and share in rhyme?
Why do I pause and take the time?

I pray that this is not a phase,
A clever way to turn a phrase.

Some people stutter with their word
Yet sing a song like none I’ve heard.

Perhaps with rhymes I’ll find a route,
Create new paths, let feelings out,

Express the awe, not problem solve,
Some mysteries I’ll not resolve.

The height and depth and love of God
I’ll never measure with a rod.

Some days I wonder why I share.
Perhaps a few will read and care.

If one who’s seldom read God’s Word
Is drawn to read by what they’ve heard,

Then I’ve succeeded with my rhyme,
I’m glad to share and spend the time.


June 16, 2020: Our new puppy woke up early this morning, so my quiet time was brief, and I did not have an opportunity to write this morning. I looked back through some of my earlier work and chose this piece from January 26, 2019 to share with you. It seems even more appropriate today than ever.

Why the obsession with color of skin?
It’s the colors inside us and what is within,
That determine the measure of what we are worth,
The extent we can benefit others on earth.

What’s the color of courage? Integrity? Trust?
May our colors shine through us before we are dust.
Are we lost in deception, consumed by our hate?
Can we end the division or is it too late?

To find our true colors let’s dig deep inside.
Seek the color of wisdom, seek truth, and not hide,
Then the color of courage to face what we find.
Let’s discover the truth, not stay wounded or blind.

We all share the same journey no matter our plight.
May we help one another and walk in the light.

Not Alone

The world has long been led astray
By those who tout a better way.

“Your life is short, so have a thrill.
Do as you please and have your fill.

“There is no God. You’re on your own.
You run your life. You’re on the throne.”

Those words will leave you all alone,
An empty shell, a heart of stone.

God offers mercy, peace, and grace,
And nothing else can take his place.

Take time to pause and search your soul.
Reach out to God to make you whole.

He fills that empty void within.
He sets us free of guilt and sin.

We’re not alone. We have a friend.
He offers life that has no end.

Speak and Seek

June 14, 2020

A time of quiet, dim and still
To speak to God and seek his will.

Whatever simple words I use
God adds the color, brilliant hues.

He knows my heart and hears me speak,
He knows what I will ask and seek.

He’s kind and gives me what I need,
Ignores the things I ask in greed.

I trust Him when He answers no,
He knows what’s best to help me grow.

I pray your Word sinks deep inside
That I may use it as my guide.

There’s so much darkness masked as light,
Help me discern and know what’s right.

Your words give life, they’re tried and true.
I’m grateful Lord for time with you.

Time to Mend

June 13, 2020

Good morning Lord, the night is done.
I lift my voice to you, God’s son.

The sun will rise another day.
I thank you Lord for time to pray.

I pray for every broken heart.
Lord show them how and where to start,

To trust in you to help them mend,
Their solid rock and trusted friend.

I’m grateful Lord for each brave soul
Who worked so hard to keep us whole.

They fought the plague around the globe,
New heroes dressed in mask and robe.

So much in life I treasure now.
We can survive, you’ve shown us how.

I pray, together, we pull through,
Unite as one to walk with you.

Simple Truths

June 11, 2020

I spend this time with You each day,
Sometimes before the sun’s first ray.

My words are simple, not profound.
A lasting peace in You I’ve found.

I lift my prayer to praise your name.
You are the hope I must proclaim.

The world has truly gone astray,
So many seeking their own way.

The simple truths inside your Word
Are often read but seldom heard.

We think we’re wise in our own minds,
Convinced with theories of all kinds.

Your truth is easy, pure, and real.
I trust in You, not how I feel.

Lord help me walk in faith today,
No matter what may come my way.

God’s Space

June 11, 2020

I come to you today in prayer,
I thank you for your love and care.

You are the Lord, my source of hope.
Your Spirit comforts, helps me cope.

You sent your Spirit to reside,
To occupy that space inside.

That space that only God can fill.
You help me know what is your will.

Some days are bright, and others grey,
You’re always with me day by day.

I read your Word, you shine the light,
You help me see; you give me sight.

I pray that others find your peace.
Let sorrows fade and joy increase.

I pray your love sweeps through our land.
Restore our faith, Lord help us stand.