Life’s Play

June 10, 2020

My life’s a play, I write each page.
I live it daily, live on stage.

The twists and turns I face each day
Create the scenes of my life’s play.

Sometimes the plot runs like a race,
At other times a slower pace.

Some of those I meet each day
Will have a role in my life’s play.

They write their lines; they play their part.
Some leave me cold; some touch my heart.

An audience is always there.
They wander in and take a chair.

Sometimes they laugh, applaud, or cheer.
Sometimes they mock, insult, or jeer.

I write my lines; I do my best.
I trust in God to do the rest.

Heart Songs

June 9, 2020

If I dug deep for words to say,
What kind of song would my heart play?

If I could write what I hold dear,
Would others read, and would they hear?

If I could find the words to share,
Would others hear and would they care?

Would words express the way I feel?
Could words I share help others heal?

Could words touch chords, strum strings inside,
Reach deep within where hope resides?

If words I weave turned into song,
Would there be those who sing along?

Could music grow from just one note
And birth a song from words I wrote?

I’ll share my heart and write each word.
I’ll sing my song, know God has heard.

Little Things

June 8, 2020

I pray I pause to see the small,
The little things around us all,

Those precious moments I might miss,
A flower’s bloom, a puppy’s kiss,

A quiet walk among the trees,
A cool refreshing, gentle breeze,

A sunset in the western sky,
It’s golden fingers wave goodbye.

Life’s full of ways to pull me down,
To make me sad, to wear a frown,

But little things can bring a smile,
If I just look and wait a while.

God made this world a lovely place,
Reflects his beauty, love, and grace.

I thank you Lord for quiet times,
To spend with you and spin my rhymes.

Prayer for Change

June 7, 2020

Lord lead the way and guide our path
Amidst the anger, riots, wrath.

The wounds are deep. It’s been too long,
The prejudice is just plain wrong.

No one’s defined by tone of skin,
Our hearts define us from within.

We all must change, let go of hate.
That change must come, we cannot wait.

I pray for change inside our soul,
Pick up the pieces, make us whole.

The hatred tears out our land apart.
Lord hear our prayers, let healing start.

I’ve seen a few who kneel and pray.
They give us hope. Lord lead the way.

Let love and kindness sweep our land,
Reach out in love and lend a hand.

Puppy Day

June 6, 2020

Today will be a day of change,
Initially, a little strange.

We’ll get another loving pup,
Be there at ten to pick her up.

The house will never be the same.
We’ll have some fun, we’ll play a game.

Together we can take a nap.
She’ll snuggle down upon my lap.

She’ll keep me young and on my toes.
She’ll keep me busy as she grows.

Our little pup will grow up fast.
We’ll build new memories that last.

A little furry, fluffy friend
Upon our lives will soon descend.

We’ll give our Lucy love and care.
She’s full of love she’ll gladly share.

Slower Pace

The simple things now seem so hard,
To venture out beyond my yard.

I pray for help to navigate,
To know what’s right, to go or wait.

I long to congregate once more,
Return to life like days before.

I must admit I’ve reached the stage
That I must wait because of age.

Until the day it’s safe to roam,
I’ll spend my days right here at home.

I’d like to venture out a bit.
The patio is where I sit.

I feel the breeze upon my face,
Another day, a slower pace.

I hear the birds and feel the sun.
It’s not so bad. It’s almost fun.


June 4, 2020

I come to You to find true rest.
I read your Word, there is no test.

My mind can focus on your Word,
Until I know my heart has heard.

You give me shelter from the storm.
Inside, a quiet peace takes form.

I thank you Lord for each new day,
For time with you to read and pray.

I need that time alone with You
To start each day, however few.

You wrote my life, from start to end.
I live each page that you have penned.

You know what day will be my last.
I’ll switch from present tense to past.

Until that day I’ll write your song,
And sing your praises all day long.

Longing to Learn

June 3, 2020

I have come to the place where I long to know more,
Catch a glimpse of your glory like never before.

Lord I yearn for your wisdom, your beauty, your grace,
To fill up my mind and invade every space.

Your ways Lord are perfect and never grow old.
While your words burn within me, I’ll never grow cold.

I can see from the books authors research and write
That our vision is cloudy, with limited sight.

As I search through your words full of riches untold,
I pray I find treasure more precious than gold.

Enlighten me Lord and then help me to see
That your glory abounds, from the sky to the sea.

I pray that your Spirit brings wisdom and joy.
Lord help me embrace it; your wisdom employ.

I pray that each day I will learn a bit more;
Put words in my heart, that I cannot ignore.

Give Praise

Some nights are long with little sleep,
Devoid of rest that’s long and deep.

Yet life goes on, it does not wait,
It’s never early, never late.

Today the sun will rise once more.
Each day’s unique, not lived before.

New challenges to overcome,
I know today I’m facing some.

I pray I keep my eyes on You
To give me strength to carry through.

Help me maintain a steady pace,
Meet every challenge that I face.

Help me complete each task this day
To honor You in every way,

To lift your name and give you praise
Until the time you end my days.

Our Prayers

June 1, 2020

I cannot set the captives free,
But I can pray on bended knee.

I cannot make the hatred cease,
But I can seek the Prince of Peace.

I cannot change what’s in a heart,
But God can give a brand-new start.

I cannot change the wrongs to right,
But I can pray, “God send your light.”

I pray that hearts now filled with hate,
Will turn to You to change their fate.

I pray revenge will lose its hold.
Lord let your love and peace unfold.

Lord set us free from hate and fear.
I pray this day your voice we hear.

We lift our prayers throughout the land,
Lord help us see and understand.