When You Return

July 2, 2020

This earthly realm cannot compare
To what’s in store that You prepare

For those You love. You came to earth
To set us free, to give new birth.

I stand in awe, I long to see
Your glory and your majesty,

Your living water, streets of gold,
The prophets long ago foretold.

The day will come when You return.
We’ll be caught up, the earth will learn,

Your Word is true, your Word is real.
You’ll come again, to us reveal

The fullness of your vast domain.
You’ll end our sorrow, tears, and pain.

Lord help us share your love today,
Help others see and find their way.

4 thoughts on “When You Return”

  1. There is such beauty and vividness in your words. I love reading your work every day. Thank you for sharing.

  2. John David; your writing just gets better and better; I pray many are inspired and want to learn more of the Word..the Light…the Truth

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