July 5, 2020

I thank you Lord for time with you.
Each day is different, fresh, and new.

A time to pray and search my heart,
Each day I get a brand-new start.

Within my heart you stir a rhyme.
I try to capture them in time.

I pray with words I write each day
I honor you with what I say.

You’re worthy, Lord, you’re to be praised.
Each day in awe, I stand amazed.

This precious time each day I spend
Is now forever, without end.

One day I’ll leave this earthly flesh,
Take on a form that’s new and fresh.

I’ll live with you the whole day long.
Each day will be a perfect song.

2 thoughts on “Amazed”

  1. “As a deer panteth by the water; I long to worship you….”
    song we are singing in virtual worship today…pmd

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