Where Do Words Go?

July 7, 2020

If I don’t write a rhyme today,
Will it impact the world some way?

I’ll still spend time with You in prayer.
But what will change if I don’t share?

I’ve written now so many times,
Perhaps I’ve shared enough in rhymes.

The rhymes are short and seldom long,
They’re lyrical but not a song.

The words are simple, from the heart,
Where do words go, once they depart?

I toss my pebbles in a pond,
I get to see it change, respond.

But cast a rock into the sea,
It disappears, it’s gone from me.

I pray a few sprout wings and fly,
Draw focus Lord to you on high.

4 thoughts on “Where Do Words Go?”

  1. what concept, JDA, do you know that poem from early 20th century or maybe latter 19th; James Foley was it? My mother cut it out and put in her Lon Morris scrapbook; and ”Throw a pebble in the water…” the jist of it being throw out an unkind word and, like a pebble in the water; it goes on rippling with consequences~the same can be said of Kind Words; are you doubting yourself? God did not say how to do it; He just said Do It: the Great Commission, and other places….tell others; love others…that’s what you are doing; and it really helps me..among others. JesusOthersYourself_count it all Joy

  2. I agree with pmd! Thank you for sharing with the rest of us❣️ We’re so blessed by your sweet and simple prayer-poems!

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