Discarded Words

July 8, 2020

Discarded words piled on the floor.
Can they be used and made to soar?

They would not fit into the rhyme.
They just weren’t right, perhaps next time.

One day they’ll find their place and know
The perfect way to shine and glow.

Their time will come. They’ll be just right,
The words we need to see the light.

Sometimes words need to wait their turn,
And patience is so hard to learn.

So many other words get used,
They sit abandoned and confused.

But one bright day their time will come,
The perfect word to sing or hum.

I pray we each can find our song,
Sing out to God the whole day long.

3 thoughts on “Discarded Words”

  1. remember those camp songs; and the little songs we sang in sunday school~
    I recalled those songs yesterday and sang in Covid Quarantine; made me so happy~and I wondered about getting them together again for our little children; complete with a squad to sing outside; on the grass; as covid germs are said to spread as we talk loud or sing….words once sung; or the words you used; have their way of coming back for someones’ blessings. pmd

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