July 14, 2020

I think my daily writing’s done.
It’s been a joy; I’ve had some fun.

I’ll still be up. I’ll read and pray,
Occasionally, some words to say.

I pray the words that I have shared
Have helped a few to know God’s care.

One day I knew that I should start,
Shared many rhymes straight from the heart.

The rhymes remain. I’ll leave each post.
Perhaps you’ll share ones you like most.

I thank you for the words and time
From those of you who’ve read a rhyme.

It’s been a blessing every day
To share a gift of rhyme this way.

I knew, in time, this day would come,
I pray I’ve touched the hearts of some.

Until there’s more to say or tell,
I send my love and say farewell.

14 thoughts on “Farewell”

  1. I’ve enjoyed every one John, but it’s okay. Write when you can, not just because you think you should. What if you put into rhyme what you read in God’s Word each day? Just a thought.

  2. Hi John,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your rhymes each day and hope to still see some, from time to time, in the future! I also hope that you and yours are doing well, including your newcomer, Lucy:)

    Take care,


  3. We will miss the new rhymes, but greatful we can look at most again

    Thank you, mike and Marta

  4. Oh no!
    Your words have been a blessing to me. I have shared them with many friends.
    You have a gift. Thank you for sharing to the world.
    You are not finished helping people and praising God.

  5. So to see you go. Love reading your words daily. But I understand. Give Lucy a pat. Thank you for sharing you uplifting words. ❤️❤️

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