As We Emerge

July 18, 2020

Although the world seems upside down,
Our heroes wear a mask and gown,

The day will dawn some morning soon,
When we emerge from our cocoon.

The sun will shine upon our wings,
We’ll feel the joy that freedom brings.

We pull together, meet the need,
No matter color, race, or creed.

I pray that once this job is done,
We’ll still work hard; we’ll still be one.

Instead of pulling us apart,
I pray this virus gives us heart,

Unearths the strength we have inside,
Brings faith in God to lead, to guide.

I pray this virus soon will end.
Lord give us strength to heal and mend.

6 thoughts on “As We Emerge”

  1. I read this as I sit at a fund raiser for a wonder young lady that was taken way to soon. It is awesomely fitting to sit and read this verse today! Thank you so much for sharing HIS timing is good!❤️❤️❤️❤️ Breathe easy Katie Dotson-Smith

  2. Rereading this poem. I will visit it often on my wall until I emerge from 2020 or maybe always. Thank you.

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