Wisdom and Peace

July 28, 2020

Insulting and hateful, unhealthy debate,
We’ll not solve our problems with rage and with hate.

I pray that the fighting and hatred can cease,
That we come to the table in wisdom and peace.

Riots and looting, destruction and fire,
Complete desolation is that our desire?

I pray that the wrongs in our land be made right,
Through love and compassion may we see the light.

Can we find a solution with hate in our heart?
It’s time for a change to give love a new start.

I pray that forgiveness replaces the wrath,
That revenge won’t consume us, we’ll find a new path.

The fighting and hatred that splits and divides
Is born in the darkness we harbor inside.

I pray that the darkness inside us will flee,
That God grants us grace, that his love sets us free.

2 thoughts on “Wisdom and Peace”

  1. Very encouraging for our times. Good candidate for a Thursday Bible Study fellowship. Thank you again for sharing your creations.
    God bless you dear friend.

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