Value Truth

July 10, 2020

These days I filter all I’ve heard.
Does it match truth that’s in God’s Word?

So many twist the truth their way,
Convince me with the words they say.

I much prefer the truth in love
Like gentle cooing of a dove.

I pray the words that foster hate
Will end; I pray it’s not too late.

I pray that lies will be exposed,
We’ll plainly see they are not clothed.

I pray for truth throughout the land.
I’ve heard more lies than I can stand.

I’ve found there’s only one true source
That I can trust to set my course.

I’ve found that truth inside God’s Word.
Today I pray His words are heard.

His Word is True

July 9, 2020

A flower plucked may last a day,
This rhyme will wither, fade away.

I put my faith in Christ alone.
He is my rock, my cornerstone.

His Word is true. It will survive.
God’s Spirit makes it come alive.

It gives me strength to live each day,
To walk by faith, He leads the way.

I thank you Lord, I have your Word.
I read and pray that I have heard.

I pray I learn and understand
That you’re my strength, my steady hand.

May others read your Word today,
And find your truth, hear what you say.

Perhaps the seeds that I have spread
Will someday sprout as they are read.

Discarded Words

July 8, 2020

Discarded words piled on the floor.
Can they be used and made to soar?

They would not fit into the rhyme.
They just weren’t right, perhaps next time.

One day they’ll find their place and know
The perfect way to shine and glow.

Their time will come. They’ll be just right,
The words we need to see the light.

Sometimes words need to wait their turn,
And patience is so hard to learn.

So many other words get used,
They sit abandoned and confused.

But one bright day their time will come,
The perfect word to sing or hum.

I pray we each can find our song,
Sing out to God the whole day long.

Where Do Words Go?

July 7, 2020

If I don’t write a rhyme today,
Will it impact the world some way?

I’ll still spend time with You in prayer.
But what will change if I don’t share?

I’ve written now so many times,
Perhaps I’ve shared enough in rhymes.

The rhymes are short and seldom long,
They’re lyrical but not a song.

The words are simple, from the heart,
Where do words go, once they depart?

I toss my pebbles in a pond,
I get to see it change, respond.

But cast a rock into the sea,
It disappears, it’s gone from me.

I pray a few sprout wings and fly,
Draw focus Lord to you on high.

Love Shared

July 6, 2020

Some words we write to entertain,
Debate, defend, or to explain.

I’m not quite sure just why I write.
Perhaps it helps me shine God’s light

Into those places deep inside
Where darkness finds a place to hide.

I find the truth that’s in God’s Word.
His words give life like none I’ve heard.

Lord help me learn and help me live
Each day to share the love You give.

Your love is not to hoard or hold,
To buy or sell or trade for gold.

I pray my simple words of rhyme
Encourage some to spend some time

Inside you Word, and find You there.
I pray this day your love I share.


July 5, 2020

I thank you Lord for time with you.
Each day is different, fresh, and new.

A time to pray and search my heart,
Each day I get a brand-new start.

Within my heart you stir a rhyme.
I try to capture them in time.

I pray with words I write each day
I honor you with what I say.

You’re worthy, Lord, you’re to be praised.
Each day in awe, I stand amazed.

This precious time each day I spend
Is now forever, without end.

One day I’ll leave this earthly flesh,
Take on a form that’s new and fresh.

I’ll live with you the whole day long.
Each day will be a perfect song.


July 4, 2020

Like all the times I wrote before,
I come to You to write once more.

Our nation Lord, land of the free,
Has fewer now who bend a knee,

Who lift a prayer, who read your Word.
We seek your help. I pray we’re heard.

I pray that as we celebrate
We pause to thank you for this date,

Remember those who suffered pain.
I pray their work won’t be in vain.

I pray the freedoms we preserve
Are not for greed but used to serve.

Help us see other’s needs come first,
Bring out our best and not our worst.

I pray we heal, and end our fights,
Restore our hope, reset our sights.

Shine Through

July 3, 2020

I thank you Lord for those I know
Who follow you, let your love show,

Who praise your name and seek your will.
I pray each day their hearts you fill.

You’ve called our name, set us apart.
We heard your call, gave you our heart.

I thank you Lord. I lift my voice.
I praise your name. I made my choice.

I pray you use us Lord today,
To help someone along the way,

To show your love by what we do,
To let your love come shining through.

Lord help us know just how to pray.
Lord fill our hearts with words to say.

To God the Father, Spirit, Son,
I pray this day your will be done.

When You Return

July 2, 2020

This earthly realm cannot compare
To what’s in store that You prepare

For those You love. You came to earth
To set us free, to give new birth.

I stand in awe, I long to see
Your glory and your majesty,

Your living water, streets of gold,
The prophets long ago foretold.

The day will come when You return.
We’ll be caught up, the earth will learn,

Your Word is true, your Word is real.
You’ll come again, to us reveal

The fullness of your vast domain.
You’ll end our sorrow, tears, and pain.

Lord help us share your love today,
Help others see and find their way.

A Hug

July 1, 2020

I come to you dear Lord and pray.
My spirit needs a hug today.

I know someday I’ll see your face.
I’ll feel the warmth of your embrace.

You came to earth, you made a way
For me to live with you someday.

You sent your Spirit to reside
Inside my heart to lead, to guide,

To give me comfort, strength, and peace.
I know your love will never cease.

Renew my faith, help me to look
Not at the news, but in your Book.

I pray each day I know you more.
You give me strength, each day restore.

Lord you’re our hope in troubled days.
I lift you up. I give you praise.