Golden Years

August 3, 2020

What will I do with what remains
Of my life here before it wanes?

I only have this life to live.
What more is left that I can give?

I’ve grown more frail in my physique,
No longer strong, my body’s weak.

I’m not inclined to run a race,
My walking now, a slower pace.

My hair has turned a silver gray,
A bit less hair each passing day.

I pray You help my mind stay strong,
To share the words of my life’s song.

Although I’ve reached my golden years,
My journey’s marked by joys and tears,

I pray oh Lord, that you’ll use me
To shine Your light, help others see.

1 thought on “Golden Years”

  1. So much left to say! Your well of fresh spring words nourish the ones that drink them!

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