The Birth of a Book

Quiet Time Rhymes

August 6, 2020

After many requests for my poems in a book,
I pulled them together to see how they’d look.

It seemed overwhelming; I overcame fear.
I perused all the words that I’d written this year.

One hundred and forty-eight rhymes in five months,
Looking back, I’m amazed that this old dog still hunts.

Then I had to describe it and give it a name,
Quiet Time Rhymes is the book it became.

I added another line, shares a bit more.
Peace in Pandemic describes what’s in store.

Then on to the cover, provide some insight.
I found in my photos some birds in mid-flight.

I remembered the walk on the beach when they flew.
It brought back that morning, the peace that I knew.

Decide on the pricing, they asked the amount.
I set it at ten cents a rhyme if you count.

I wrote from my heart and I shared them with you.
You asked for a book, it is here, it’s brand new.

7 thoughts on “The Birth of a Book”

  1. Wow this is great. I want to buy (1) book. What is the price and where can I pick it up?

  2. Thank you Jim.
    The book is on Amazon. You can just click on the link at the top of this poem The Birth of a Song, or just click on the picture of the book.

    If that doesn’t work, here is the direct link to the book on Amazon:

    The book’s price is $14.80 (10 cents per rhyme).


  3. John, does the book mean that the poems will no longer be on the website as you write them?
    I have enjoyed seeing them daily . Thank you for sharing.

  4. I am delighted to hear the news. I am ordering mine now from Amazon. I will help get the news out to people by giving your book as gifts. May God give you many more poems.

  5. Thank you Jan. There’s no change to the blog. I will continue to post here as I write. I’d received some requests for a book, so I put them into print.

  6. Thank you Dean. I’m glad there’s now another way to share the poems. I pray they help some folks during these troubled times.

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