Ode to Kenosha

August 27, 2020

What is the point? Why loot the town,
Then light a torch and burn it down?

Why spread your hatred, stir up fear?
It’s not your home. You don’t live here.

Leave us to grieve, protest in peace.
You hurt us more than our police.

Don’t come in here, ignore our grief,
To steal and plunder like a thief.

Our town is hurting, still in pain.
Why are you here? What’s there to gain?

A mother’s praying for her child,
Must she endure a mob gone wild?

Don’t make our hurt and pain increase.
Please show respect and march in peace.

We need your help to mend, restore,
Not violence to hurt us more.

I pray compassion sweeps our land.
Let’s work together. Lend a hand.

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