September 29, 2020

Life threw a roadblock in my way.
It just appeared; I had no say.

No yellow sign, Detour Ahead.
I found my help from God instead.

I gathered comfort from His Word,
The feelings that His Spirit stirred.

It forced me out of my routine,
Now shut inside, no change of scene.

It gave me time to search my heart.
What’s left undone when I depart?

What can I do while I still live?
What do I have that I can give?

It came to me to spend some time
To share my heart with words of rhyme.

It soothes my soul to read and pray,
To honor Him with words I say.

Winds of Change

September 28, 2020

I pray my roots stay deep and strong,
Discern what’s true, what’s right or wrong.

So many claim to know the way.
So many paths that lead astray.

The winds of change are raging through
To redefine what’s good or true.

Destructive forces shouting loud,
“Come follow us and join the crowd.”

How complicated life has grown.
I fear we’re reaping what we’ve sown.

I long for simple days of old,
When hearts were warm, not hard and cold.

I pray once more we find a way,
To live, to love, to laugh, to play.

I pray God’s light will help us see.
I pray that darkness soon will flee.

Set Free

September 29, 2020

I pray I find the courage here,
Now that I’ve been set free,
To break the chains of doubt and fear.
Lord help me truly see.

Help me dig deep inside my soul,
Discover what is there.
Help me each day become more whole,
Embrace Your love and care.

Help me dig deep inside your Word,
Discover what is true.
Release me from the lies I’ve heard,
Lord help me be like You.

Lord help me soar on eagle’s wings
To fly above the fray.
I’ve been set free and my heart sings,
I give You praise today.

Comfort from Afar

September 24, 2020

Our comfort’s shown in many ways,
A card or call to share.
To help the grieving through their days
We hold them up in prayer.

We’d love to visit, stay a while
And offer them a hug.
We’d love to talk and see them smile.
Can’t risk the Covid bug.

I pray that soon we can be there
To hug, to hold their hand.
Now from afar we show our care
Until they lift the ban.

I pray the virus soon will end
We long for human touch.
A hug can help a heart to mend.
Our love can mean so much.

Hearts of Gold

September 23, 2020

I love to sit and hear the tales
Of lives lived long ago,
Of journeys through the hills and dales,
Of things they’ve learned and know.

The wisdom sewn into my life
By those in golden years
Helps me endure the toil and strife
And conquer any fears.

So much to learn from senior folks
Who’ve been through many trials,
Now having fun and telling jokes
And sharing laughs and smiles.

Don’t let those moments slip away
And heed the words they say.
They may look wrinkled, gray and old;
Inside’s a heart of gold.

Loving Memories

September 19, 2020

For all the ones now left behind,
I pray that soon sweet peace you’ll find.

Your loved one now is with the Lord,
Has been set free and now has soared.

Your dear one’s absence leaves a hole.
It reaches deep inside your soul.

Your tears are real. Your grief is strong.
I pray your pain won’t linger long.

So many times throughout the day
You’ll call to mind the words they’d say.

So blessed by years that you have shared,
To let them go you weren’t prepared.

I pray for comfort from your friends.
May they draw close as your heart mends.

The Lord is close. He’s near to you.
I know His love is always true.

Treasures to Reveal

September 16, 2020

I long to hear the trumpet blow announcing His return.
For now, I’ll daily read His Word and by His Spirit learn.

His Spirit gives me comfort here inside my weary heart.
His Spirit helps discern the truth with wisdom to impart.

I’ll probe the depths inside God’s Word for treasures to reveal,
Until the day I’m with the Lord, His face I’ll see and feel.

For now, I’m in this shadow land and only dimly see.
One day the Lord will call me home and I’ll be truly free.

The constant troubles here on earth will one day fade away.
I’ll see the glory of the Lord. I’ll be with Him to stay.

I’m blessed by those who know the Lord, who lift me up in prayer,
Encourage me along the way, who read His Word and share.

Some have been blessed to praise the Lord, to lift their voice in song,
And some to play an instrument to praise Him all day long.

I pray the lyrics, rhythm, rhyme, I pen will please the Lord.
Perhaps a melody will form, rise from a note, a chord.

A People Together

September 10, 2020

I remember a nation that once was united
A people together and not so divided,

A time when together we stood hand in hand
United in purpose defending our land.

We would tackle our problems, resolve them as one
We’d solve them together whatever might come.

I pray we can focus, find ways to agree,
Shine a light in the darkness to help us all see.

As we focus on others, the problems they face,
We’ll break down the walls built of color or race.

We’re each one unique and we each have a role,
It’s not about skin but the shape of our soul.

I pray as a nation we seek common ground,
And all work together as issues are found.

If we all come together, have common resolve,
There’s nothing we’re facing that we cannot solve.


Written January 26, 2019, still apples today.

Why the obsession with color of skin?
It’s the colors inside us and what is within,
That determine the measure of what we are worth,
The extent we can benefit others on earth.

What’s the color of courage? Integrity? Trust?
May our colors shine through us before we are dust.
Are we lost in deception, consumed by our hate?
Can we end the division or is it too late?

To find our true colors let’s dig deep inside.
Seek the color of wisdom, seek truth, and not hide,
Then the color of courage to face what we find.
Let’s discover the truth, not stay wounded or blind.

We all share the same journey no matter our plight.
May we help one another and walk in the light.

Early Morn

September 2, 2020

I rise up early, start my day.
Not sure if there’s a rhyme today.

A puppy sleeping on my chest.
She snuggled down and made a nest.

A rainy night, a restful sleep,
A rolling thunder low and deep,

The early morn’s a special time
To read, to pray, to knit a rhyme.

The chair is silent as I glide,
Let words emerge, see what’s inside.

Sometimes they float, a wispy cloud,
Sometimes they seem to shout out loud.

I try to render what I find
Inside my heart, my soul, my mind.

I pray the Lord will guide my pen,
To share the love He’s placed within.