Treasures to Reveal

September 16, 2020

I long to hear the trumpet blow announcing His return.
For now, I’ll daily read His Word and by His Spirit learn.

His Spirit gives me comfort here inside my weary heart.
His Spirit helps discern the truth with wisdom to impart.

I’ll probe the depths inside God’s Word for treasures to reveal,
Until the day I’m with the Lord, His face I’ll see and feel.

For now, I’m in this shadow land and only dimly see.
One day the Lord will call me home and I’ll be truly free.

The constant troubles here on earth will one day fade away.
I’ll see the glory of the Lord. I’ll be with Him to stay.

I’m blessed by those who know the Lord, who lift me up in prayer,
Encourage me along the way, who read His Word and share.

Some have been blessed to praise the Lord, to lift their voice in song,
And some to play an instrument to praise Him all day long.

I pray the lyrics, rhythm, rhyme, I pen will please the Lord.
Perhaps a melody will form, rise from a note, a chord.

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