Hearts of Gold

September 23, 2020

I love to sit and hear the tales
Of lives lived long ago,
Of journeys through the hills and dales,
Of things they’ve learned and know.

The wisdom sewn into my life
By those in golden years
Helps me endure the toil and strife
And conquer any fears.

So much to learn from senior folks
Who’ve been through many trials,
Now having fun and telling jokes
And sharing laughs and smiles.

Don’t let those moments slip away
And heed the words they say.
They may look wrinkled, gray and old;
Inside’s a heart of gold.

2 thoughts on “Hearts of Gold”

  1. John, the tales that we have to tell are beginning to be of lives lived long ago to our grandchildren!! Have a good day and thanks for the poetry. I always enjoy it. Dr. Clayton would be very proud of you.
    Jan Waggoner

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