A Slower Pace

October 31, 2020

Remember days of carefree fun,
The smell of flowers, warmth of sun,

Relaxing in the perfect tree,
Or taking time to watch a bee?

A morning breeze, a gliding bike,
A stop by woods to take a hike,

Pine needle carpet ‘neath my feet,
A fallen log, I take a seat.

I hear the mockingbirds in song;
A crow decides to sing along.

A rabbit stops to sniff the air,
I make no sound, he’s unaware.

The pace was slow with time to play,
Another time, another day.

Perhaps once more I’ll slow my pace,
No need to rush, no need to race.

Choosing Sides

October 30, 2020

It’s time once more to choose a side.
Who can I trust? I must decide.

Both sides, through ads, I think have shown
That they are quick to cast a stone.

With messages of hate and fear,
Both sides proclaim the end is near.

Life’s full of issues to resolve,
So many problems yet to solve.

The road that’s smooth, that’s flat and straight
Is hard to find, we’ll have to wait.

Too bad we can’t all get along
Abandon hate and sing love’s song.

I pray that soon we can unite,
Work hand in hand and end the fight,

All come together, understand,
And find a way to heal our land.

Golden Visions

The snowy peaks, dawn’s early light,
An eagle spreads its wings in flight.

Those Colorado mountain trips,
Steep narrow roads, white knuckle grips.

The golden visions from the past,
They still remain, endure, and last.

An old abandoned mountain pass,
Now just two ruts hold back the grass.

A narrow rail, a shaft, a beam,
A lonely hut beside a stream,

The bygone dreams of wealth and fame,
So many rushed to stake a claim.

Abandoned towns, grey boards and dust,
The gold rush days gave way to rust.

The peaks remain, men live and die,
The tales live on from days gone by.

Heart Song

October 26, 2020

For You oh Lord I share my song.
I give You praise the whole day long.

I know Your love and my heart sings
The joy inside Your Spirit brings.

You gave me life. You set me free,
Unlocked the door, Lord You’re the key.

When days grow dark You are my light.
Your Holy Spirit gives me sight.

I pray my eyes are fixed on You.
Help me discern what’s pure and true.

I pray that I reflect Your Word
If this, my song, is one day heard.

I pray Your words from my heart flow,
Help others hear and come to know

The love that I have found in You,
And know Your joy in their heart too.

An Uphill Road

October 25, 2020

Sometimes life seems an uphill road
On which to push a heavy load.

So many slopes and hills to scale,
Sometimes through rain and wind and hail.

I’m grateful Lord you help me bear
The daily troubles that I share.

You’re there beside me every mile.
Sometimes I pause to rest a while,

Renew my strength to finish strong,
Refresh my heart to sing a song.

Without You Lord how would I cope?
You are my source of love and hope.

Lord help me give my all, my best.
And help me reach the top, the crest.

Upon You Lord I can depend
Until I reach my journey’s end.

Learning Endurance

October 24, 2020

Some weeks I am glad when they’ve come to an end,
Those weeks I got through with the prayers of a friend.

It’s those who surround me and lift me in prayer
Who help me remember God’s love and His care.

I’m reminded when weary of running the race,
There is good that can come from each day that I face

I’m learning endurance and trust in the Lord.
I’ll remember these times as the days my faith soared.

The Lord brings me peace in the midst of the storm.
His Spirit enables calm thoughts to take form.

He’s lead me through troubles and hardships before.
I know I can trust Him to do it once more.

The news reports chaos, and fighting, and strife.
I pray it won’t last for the rest of my life.

I pray that the hatred will come to an end.
Lord help us to love and to heal and to mend.

The Difficult Days

October 20, 2020

Some days are easy, a walk in the park,
While others are difficult, dreary, and dark.

Life sometimes brings pressure; I’m put to the test.
I trust in the Lord and I strive for my best.

Integrity, honesty, always my goal,
An integral part of what makes up my whole.

Endurance and patience are often required
To keep moving forward though weary and tired.

I trust God to guide me to help me stay strong,
To overcome hardship no matter how long.

Tomorrow’s a new day. The sun will still rise,
And once more the darkness will flee from the skies.

The season is changing, cool breezes return.
The colors are brilliant as all the leaves turn.

I pray that my autumn of life has a glow,
Reflections of Jesus, through me may He show.

Refreshing Words

October 19, 2020

Good morning Lord. It’s quiet, still.
I’m here again to seek Your will.

I ask You Lord to guide my pen,
To share what’s buried deep within.

The love You planted long ago,
I pray continues still to grow.

I pray that love finds fertile ground,
Its roots grow deep, may fruit abound.

My heart is nurtured by Your Word
By every verse I’ve read and heard,

Refreshing words of life that flow
For all who thirst and long to know.

I pray that others find that stream.
The water’s real. It’s not a dream.

I thank You Lord that I can share.
You’re in my heart. I know You care.

God’s in Control

October 18, 2020

Covid’s still with us. I’m still writing rhyme.
I never imagined the hundreds of lines.

Political partisans pull us apart,
Seems working together would be a good start.

There’ll always be troubles, that’s just part of life.
It’s hard to find peace in the midst of the strife.

I daily need time to be still with the Lord
To spend time in prayer and to hear from His Word.

That time before sunrise is precious to me.
The dawning of light that will help me to see.

God’s still in control and He’s still on the throne.
That needs to sink deep in my marrow and bone.

The sun will soon rise as I start a new day.
I feel joy as I share what my heart has to say.

The thousands of words that I’ve written I pray
Have brought some encouragement, helped in some way.


October 16, 2020

What is maturity? How is it found?
It seems that I’m frequently plowing new ground.

When I honestly look at the things I should know,
I find that I still have a long way to go.

How deep is compassion inside of my heart?
Is empathy present? Does love play a part?

Integrity’s high on my list to attain.
It takes constant practice through good times and rain.

Is empathy part of my daily routine?
Can my love for others show through and be seen?

Maturity’s more than just age or gray hair,
Not found in possessions or clothes that I wear.

It’s growth on the inside that I value most.
I strive to make progress, by no means can boast.

I’ll never attain all that I want to be,
Until I’m with Jesus and His face I see.