Shine Through

October 2, 2020

Another week’s about to close.
How many more, guess no one knows.

It’s not how many days I live,
But what I do and what I give.

Do I let God shine through my life
When I face hardship, trouble, strife?

Though battle scarred does my heart sing,
Still pause to hear when church bells ring?

I’m touched by days now long since passed,
And by the shadows that they cast.

As echoes of my past subside,
It’s here and now that I reside.

The things I do and say this day
Touch other lives in some small way.

I pray this day that I can share
The love inside that God placed there.

2 thoughts on “Shine Through”

  1. So beautiful. What a gift of words…
    each day is a new day with the Lord..
    love seeing your work on Facebook… I’ll pass it on.

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