Backroads of Life

October 10, 2020

Do you long for some days on your back in the sun,
To rest and relax, when you’re not on the run,

A time to reflect and release any worry,
A time to recharge when you’re not in a hurry?

The memories of childhood, the sun on my face,
Saw shapes in the clouds as I stared into space.

Appointments and schedules, our cell phone and text
Demand our attention, control what comes next.

Sometimes a vacation is more of the same
So many activities listed by name.

I’ve lived in the fast lane but now I’ve slowed down.
I cherish the backroads of life that I’ve found.

The sun on my cheeks and wind on my face,
Reflections of glory I see at this pace,

A peaceful serenity, time with the Lord,
Infused with His Spirit, refreshed and restored.

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