October 16, 2020

What is maturity? How is it found?
It seems that I’m frequently plowing new ground.

When I honestly look at the things I should know,
I find that I still have a long way to go.

How deep is compassion inside of my heart?
Is empathy present? Does love play a part?

Integrity’s high on my list to attain.
It takes constant practice through good times and rain.

Is empathy part of my daily routine?
Can my love for others show through and be seen?

Maturity’s more than just age or gray hair,
Not found in possessions or clothes that I wear.

It’s growth on the inside that I value most.
I strive to make progress, by no means can boast.

I’ll never attain all that I want to be,
Until I’m with Jesus and His face I see.

2 thoughts on “Maturity”

  1. Have tried to explain to kids that-in learning from God’s Word-We are like onions-starting from inside and attaining layers. That is reading bible over and over at different ages….what it meant to us at age 6-and on thru the years- means something more deeply each time. That’s how God made us.

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